Gear Forum is back in Parma, Italy, 25 March 2015

The focus of the 2015 Gear Forum of Parma will be on technologies and manufacturing of gears. 10_GearForum

After the success of the previous 2013 edition, dedicated to the state of the art and trends with respect to the efficiency and performance of transmissions, with particular reference to the design, software, standards, applications in key sectors, the same issues will therefore be resumed by highlighting and emphasizing the aspects of the production.

An unmissable event for decision makers, manufacturers and users of gears.

Gears and Trasmissions: manufacturing performances and efficiency will be the Gear Forum theme, and in particular the following aspects will be studied:

  • From design to construction: developments in the field of work and the impact on the project from the point of view of performance
  • Tools, machines and processes: current status and trends in production technology gears
  • Software for gears: from simulation and calculation to finished product
  • Developments and trends in the construction of automotive transmissions
  • Megatrend and market potential of the gear sector

The Gear Forum, thanks to the contemporary with the fair MECSPE, will also host an application part, due to the presence of working islands with working machines, devoted to the most innovative technological solutions available on the market.

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