Valves are available in DN ranging from 5 to 65

The FFF SERIES ON-OFF valves by Italvalvole

italvalvoleThe FFF SERIES ON-OFF valves by the Italian company Italvalvole have been designed to satisfy all different use requirements. The materials used for the production of this series of valves make them applicable to textile, dyeing, chemical, food industry and, in general, to all those environments which cannot accept any material other than stainless steel further to humidity reasons. FFF pneumatic on/off valves are angle-seat valves with CF8M steel body, threaded or socket weld connections and a servo control made of 304 stainless steel or servo control made of Polyamide 66, reinforced with 30% of fiberglass. Seal on the valve seat is soft type, and can be made of different materials according to customer’s needs. Tightness on stem is guaranteed by packing glands made of PTFE + graphite-loaded PTFE. Valves are available in DN ranging from 5 to 65.



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