Gear calculation

The KISSsys assistants help you in every situation!

In the KISSsoft Release 03/2013, the current KISSsys assistants were extended and furthermore a planet assistant was added. These assistants facilitate and simplify the modeling considerably. The already existing “Parallel Shaft Assistant” can now –  along with spur and helical gear stages – also create bevel, worm and crossed helical gear stages. The modeling process itself is also made more intuitive, the user is guided step by step through the entire gear box structure. New: The “Planetary Gear Stage Assistant” is implemented. The user is guided explicitly step by step through the kinematic structure. From the sun to the planet carrier – no element is left out, the modeling process is accomplished directly with coaxial shafts. Following the modeling, the rough sizing of the gears can be carried out in KISSsys. This feature is availablefor cylindrical and bevel, worm and crossed helical gears as well as planetary gear units.