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MP Filtri introduces the new portable particle counter LPA3. Take the lab with you wherever you go.

The new portable particle counter LPA3.

MP Filtri – a multinational company specialized in the field of hydraulic filtration equipment – introduces the new portable particle counter LPA3. The world’s most advanced mainstream portable particle counter that featuring the latest breakthroughs in optical and photodiode technology, it delivers a fast, accurate and comprehensive hydraulic health check.

Specially designed to thrive in a wide range of sectors and applications, LPA3 is highly durable and yet perfectly portable, weighing in at just 10 kg, and its ergonomic space-efficient design enables operators to work effectively in a wide variety of challenging work environments.

Massimiliano Sanna, Marketing Manager of MP Filtri.

«Fast, precise and easy to use the advanced LPA3 represents an essential tool to real-time monitor the levels of fluid contamination»,  said Massimiliano Sanna, Marketing Manager of MP Filtri who continues:

«It’s known that 80% of the damages in the hydraulic systems is caused to the solid particle’s contamination, as the usury or the wrong cleaning of the oil for example. The LPA3 technology allows to predetermine the operating conditions of the fluid and to promptly activate the appropriate maintenance procedures before faults occur, this is to guarantee maximum continuity of operation, a longer life-cycle of the components and a massive decrease of costs and downtime.»

Multiple advanced features

The new portable particle counter LPA3 sets new standards in the industry.
As the previous LPA2, in addition to automatically measuring, report and displaying the particulate contamination, the humidity level, the system’s pressure and temperature, it offers multiple advanced features.

In fact, LPA3 allows you to program increased sample volumes with times 16 times faster than LPA2, minimizing the risk of error in fluid analysis. The use of the latest LED optical technology further increases the level of precision, making it particularly suitable for use in various applications and in critical working conditions. LPA3 is able of operating correctly, maintaining the same efficiency standards, in environments with temperatures from -10 ° C to + 80 ° C and with pressures up to 420 bar.

Another distinctive feature of LPA3 is its high degree of programming and customization of sample volumes – up to 100 ml of sample in just one minute – and quantities of tests run simultaneously, which increase its versatility of use. Whatever the field of use is, the LPA3 provides a wide range of reporting formats that can cover any required standard. The processed data can be downloaded via USB connection, or instantly printed thanks to the optional thermal printer.

Excellence also to the ease of use. The new portable particle counter LPA3 is designed to ensure a sophisticated product to the end user, with advanced software but also simple and immediate use at the same time even for the less experienced operator: just a simple touch to activate their functions on the colour display at high resolution 10” touch screen, fully programmable.

Finally, the solution is completed by a greater storage capacity, which allows storing up to 4000 tests, a long-life lithium ion battery and a robust and durable copolymer body case, guaranteeing a performance that lasts over time.

Result of consolidated expertise in hydraulics

Massimiliano Sanna, Marketing Manager of MP Filtri declares: «LPA3 is the result of the company’s consolidated expertise in the hydraulic filtration sector and of the constant investments in the research and development of complete and highly innovative solutions for contamination control. Therefore, today we are deeply proud to present to the market such an advanced and a state-of-the-art system that will be able to offer our customers a real competitive advantage, compared to the competition, thanks to its advanced features and to high analysis precision of fluid in hydraulic system.»