The torque measuring becomes user-friendly

Gruppo Mondial (Milan, Italy) proposes in absolute preview the new Monitex BT torque meter released by the German company KTR, at the end of December 2023. Monitex BT is an innovative device that allows the torque and speed measurement inside a Rotex coupling hub.

Through an induction head, radially installed on the coupling and a Bluetooth connection, Monitex BT is an integrated measuring system that enables the transmission of measured data, via Bluetooth, to devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Moreover, all data can be not only saved, but also managed, due to the free dedicated application. Monitoring and analysing the process operation in real time becomes so possible.

Monitex BT represents an important innovation in the field of torque and speed measuring, offering user-friendly installation, versatile connectivity and the possibility of monitoring and analysing data in real time to improve the process control and the machine maintenance.

Direct integration inside the coupling hub

The main novelty that Monitex BT brings to the torque measuring field is its direct integration inside the Rotex coupling hub, permitting accurate real-time measurement of torque and speed during the device operation. This innovative approach eliminates the need of using measuring shafts or intermediate flanges, simplifying the installation and minimizing the necessary space. Moreover, the contactless inductive power supply assures a constant problem-free operation of the measuring system.

Besides, the data transmission via Bluetooth and the use of a dedicated application allow an immediate simple access to torque and speed information, both during the machine operation and afterwards for the data analysis. These simple use and access to information represent a significant innovation versus traditional torque measuring methods, offering more visibility and control of industrial processes to operators.

The torque measuring becomes user-friendly
Close-up of Monitex BT torque meter with the inductive head applied radially to Rotex coupling hub

For manifold sectors

Monitex BT torque meter offers manifold applicative possibilities, for both rotary and stationary applications, such as:

  1. Test bench: it is possible to use Monitex BT to test the performances of various objects, measuring the stress generated by determinate activities on the objects under examination. This can be particularly useful to assess the resistance and the durability of mechanical components or finished products.
  2. Process control: Monitex BT allows the real-time monitoring of torque and speed during the operation of a machine. This allows detecting eventual sudden variations in the transferred torque and intervening timely to optimize the process and to prevent failures or malfunctions.
  3. Quality control: the constant monitoring system offered by Monitex BT allows keeping determinate quality parameters under control, registering them constantly and providing useful data for the analysis and the improvement of manufacturing processes.
  4. Machine monitoring: Monitex BT can be used to monitor the operation of industrial machines and equipment, detecting variations in parameter torque and speeds and permitting to prevent eventual breakdowns or failures.

These are only some examples of possible applications of Monitex BT. Its innovative design and its cutting-edge features make it suitable for a broad range of industrial sectors, including the food packaging, the pharmaceutical industry, the iron and steel industry and many others.

Essentially, Monitex BT is a complete unit equipped with coupling hub that offers an efficacious and convenient way to monitor and to control industrial processes, improving the product quality and the operational efficiency.

Seven good reasons for choosing Monitex

In detail, the primary features of Monitex BT include:

  1. Integrated display: Monitex BT is provided with an integrated display that shows the torque and speed in rotation, granting the data availability even without needing a smartphone.
  2. Data transmission: provided with DMS technology, once activated the Torque Meter, the measured torque and speed data are sent by Bluetooth and can be received via a free available application for iOS and Android devices or through free software for Windows.
  3. Applications: The application, free for IOS and Android, Monitex BT allows visualizing the operation data generated constantly under form of curve progression and numerical visualization. The minimum, mean and maximum values are constantly calculated and data can be registered and analysed successively
  4. Inductive energy supply: the inductive energy supply is obtained by an inductive head installed radially to the coupling, permitting a contactless operation, too.
  5. Compact design: which makes, in many cases, Monitex BT perfectly alternative to Rotex standard coupling, with Rotex GS28 and Rotex GS42 coupling sizes.
  6. User-friendly installation: the system is easily installed and can be used for the machine monitoring and the process control. Featuring excellent precision, it does not need maintenance interventions.
  7. Versatile Connectivity: In addition to the Bluetooth connection for mobile devices, Monitex BT is provided with analogue outputs for the connection to control systems and it also offers the possible connection to edge devices for data processing.