Three manufacturing units to improve efficiency

Three manufacturing units, a staff of 50 employees and 6,000 square metres of working surface. We are speaking of the Italian company Colzani Ingranaggi whose activity, after a new recent takeover, has been further developed, confirming the owners’ will of staking on the constant progressive widening in terms of technologies, structure and human resources. Established in 1989 as small workshop able to carry out hobbing and grinding operations of small-size gears, the company has in fact succeeded in suiting market demands, sometimes anticipating its requirements. A constant factor accelerated in 2013 with the takeover of Borgonovo Ingranaggi, and still today, with the takeover of Brena Gears.

What does this new takeover mean for Colzani Ingranaggi? What is its new business asset?

«This new takeover – the owner and sole director, Marco Colzani, affirms – not only has allowed achieving further expertise and know-how in the integration of new applicative assets, which will anyway prove to be useful in the future to seize further market opportunities, but also turned out to be decisive to improve our in-house process efficiency and to widen the manufacturing capacity.

Marco Colzani, owner and sole director of Colzani Group

Today, all that results in a drastic reduction of the study time, in the increased availability of plants and technical competences, for instance, in the implementation of Klingelnberg bevel gears. At the same time, the product range we can offer in the power transmission field becomes even more complete, as today it includes: internal and external cylindrical gears, racks, rounded joints, bevel gears with straight teeth and Klingelnberg bevel gears, as well as racks and screw and concave wheel».

How does this new synergy complete and enrich your specialization in the design and in the production of gears?

«Colzani Ingranaggi – Colzani explains – is specialized in the management of job orders standing out for value and technological content, where a vertical production cycle, certified in each of its stages, is accomplished. Subcontracting hobbing of external and internal gears, of racks, bevel gears with straight teeth, shafts and pinions up to 6 m of length, grinding of external and internal teeth is instead the specialization that characterizes Borgonovo Ingranaggi. Finally, Brena Gears is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Klingelnberg bevel gears, with Palloid bevel gears and Palloid-cycle bevel gears, with machining of tooth sides after hardening, through Hpg-s method and Hpg finishing, curved spiral bevel couplings and oblique with hypoid gears».

Detail of profile grinding of Klingelnberg toothing

What is the new overall production capacity and on what technologies can your company rely today?

«Due to the new takeover – Colzani underlines– currently Colzani Ingranaggi can rely on 3 independent manufacturing units, anyway interconnected in terms of design. Thanks to the new organization, we can avail ourselves of a very broad state-of-the-art machine fleet, in both quantity and dimensional capacity, in addition to AI software for the production management and CAD-CAM, CAD 3D design environments. The equipment of design software used by our engineers is further enriched also by Kimos 5, applicative intended for the design and dimensional test of Klingelnberg bevel gears, software for the 3D solid implementation of any type of toothing to be applied in 5-axis milling».

How much does the export weigh for Colzani Ingranaggi and what are the new growth opportunities?

«If today the export represents about 20% of our turnover –Colzani ends – it is our precise will investing to rise the share above 50%. The new takeover has undoubtedly opened us the interesting American racing market, where in the sort-medium term we are going to establish partnerships with local manufacturers. Looking instead at a further horizon, imagining possible scenarios becomes arduous and difficult.

Machining detail of epicyclic internal toothing

It is certain that, today more than ever, we must be fast in choices, we must take rapid operational decisions to satisfy a constantly evolving and increasingly challenging market. In any case, I think I am not wrong if I imagine our company still in evolution phase in four, five years, adopting the modus operandi that has always characterized and guided us in our over thirty-year long history in the power transmission world».