Two innovative products in one for electric cars

8SKF has launched a Motor Encoder Sensor Bearing Unit (SKF MESBU) for the electric and hybrid vehicle market. This significant development in sensor bearing technology is a first for the industry, integrating bearing and sensor technology in a single, compact unit. The SKF MESBU is specifically designed and manufactured to improve the operational performance and precision of electric and hybrid cars, including stop & start function based on starter-alternator devices. It also simplifies and reduces customer manufacturing costs significantly, because the sensor’s performance is totally independent of the customer’s assembly process. Moving forward from previous sensor bearing offers for synchronous motors, the new SKF MESBU delivers accurate signals for asynchronous motor control, thanks to the integration of magnetic sensor technology into a bearing. Due to the compact design and the enhanced performances of SKF MESBU, there is a reduction and in both the weight and size of the electric motor and cost savings for the customer. The end result is a more streamlined assembly process and finished product.