Individual lifting solution for steel processing company in East Asia

Vacuum crossbeam lifts 1 ton of steel

 In close cooperation with Fipa GmbH South Korean Daho Tech Company has built a vacuum crossbeam for handling heavy steel plates.FigA_apertura

Daho Tech Company is an important steel processing company in South Korea. As part of an automation measure, a new lifting solution had to be developed for handling heavy steel plates in the production process. Some of the challenges included the heavy weight and the cumbersome dimensions of the steel plates, which measured up to 6,000 mm x 1,800 mm x 22 mm. Due to its high level of expertise in the machine-building industry, Daho Tech Company took it upon itself to design and produce the steel construction of the vacuum crossbeam.

«Once again, our project with Daho Tech Company demonstrates our high level of expertise in vacuum technology. Even the heaviest products can be handled in a reliable production process using our lifting systems», says Rainer Mehrer, CEO of Fipa.

Fipa was instrumental in providing support with system design and engineering and was also responsible for supplying all vacuum components. These components included oval suction cups, a vacuum pump, as well as the valve and control technology. As the central component, the oval suction cups, measuring 800 x 400, ensure a high level of suction force while taking up little space. Both the vacuum pump as well as the valve and control technology were mounted on the crossbeam. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to handle steel plates of various sizes. For small steel plates, any oval suction cups that are not needed are switched off. The plates are disconnected from the vacuum circuit by means of a manual valve.

Success in Asia thanks to European know-how

Fipa was awarded the project over many competitors from the Far East. On one hand, the reasons for this success include our extensive level of expertise in vacuum technology. On the other hand, Fipa is renowned on the Korean market as a reliable partner in lifting technology. Above all, Daho Tech Company values FIPA’s long-standing experience, high product quality, as well as the reliable delivery service.

The project is yet another example of how Fipa is solving difficult handling tasks with gripper systems. With technical know-how, a high level of expertise, in-house design teams, and a comprehensive program of solution-oriented components, Fipa can offer customized grippers for almost any application area.