Sixty years of history

Varvel celebrates the 60th Anniversary of its Foundation

A long-awaited event and in the end celebrated, among pleasant memories and new projects for the future. 2015 is the anniversary of Varvel spa foundation, Bologna-based company specialized in power transmission equipment and symbol of made in Italy excellence.

Six decades of history, of hard work and dedication, uncommon not only to obtain results but also to the construction of a network of business that has been able to grow and develop, creating jobs, partnerships with schools, universities and research centers, launching a program of internationalization that has never lost sight of the territory in which the company is located. Innovation and technology, but also people and humanitarian projects, in a mix of value and values that gave rise to a reality present today in more than 60 countries, on all five continents.fig2_Varvel

From the handmade pieces in the first seat in the historic centre of Bologna  to a complex that today boasts 40,000 sq.m land of which 20,000  factories,  and a group with five companies  for about 200 employees, Varvel is a benchmark for the product quality  and also for the great ability to customize and the kit-form assembly modularity combining efficiency and reliability, simplicity and high service level. An important history, which began on February 24, 1955 and that today is a valuable experience to face the future with renewed enthusiasm  in view of new successes. Among these, access to Horizon 2020 Programme that has enabled to start studying for a new gearbox that promises to revolutionize the world of mechanical transmissions.

A lot of news in 2015, starting with the new range of made in Varvel gearboxes presented during the last edition of the Hanover Fair.

The celebrations for the sixtieth have a way to go back – among events and tools like the new site but also social networks, house magazine, corporate video and a new company profile – to a history in which besides the work, special care has always been paid to quality, environmental impact and people as evidenced by the various certifications obtained over the years.

«In such an important year – says Francesco Berselli, President of Varvel SpA – we celebrate our anniversary with the entire community of stakeholders who supported us and he has built us a common path. It’s hard to summarize six decades of the company’s history and condense it all in a few lines. For this we are always available to share our experiences, trying to feel as much as possible the values that motivate us daily and that are one of the points of strength and of great cohesion of this group.»

«It is a great achievement – confirmed Mauro Cominoli, General Manager of Varvel spa – but also a springboard for the future. Investments in technology, logistics, information technology have been crucial to continue to develop the internationalization process in which we are engaged for several years, in addition to research that allows us to create new products more in line with the market demands and sometimes even anticipating them.»