A new flexible and performing electromagnetic level with multiple control points by the Italian company F.lli Giacomello.

When the level makes the difference

Gianandrea Mazzola –

From design to assembly and final testing, the Italian company F.lli Giacomello offers a wide range of products, some of them patented. Among them also a new flexible and performing electromagnetic level with multiple control points, in which precision and functions allow satisfying several application requirements.

Established in 1985 with the mission of offering quality and originality to the market of level indicators, F.lli Giacomello starts its activity with subcontracting assemblies. It soon realizes the importance of supplying its own products and starts a small production, aiming at optimizing, improving and customizing what already existed, as well as patenting some of its top levels.

«A gradual growth, – specifies the general manager Daniele Giacomello– achieved through small steps, which has led us to a consolidation in the market that today allows us to look at the future with optimism, taking advantage of a deep experience gained in almost thirty years of activity ».

Relying on a structure that benefits from the precious collaboration of about twenty people, the company can boast a strong international bent, with an export share almost reaching 45% (with higher prevalence serving the European continent), for a turn-over that in 2013 is expected to reach 3.5million Euros, rising in comparison with the past year.

Numbers that are the fruit of an approach towards the sector that highlights the will of establishing a direct contact with its own customers.

Daniele Giacomello, general manager of F.lli Giacomello in Rho (Milan, Italy.

«First of all – adds Giacomello – trying to establish a technological partnership in order to be able to understand the real needs and to succeed, then, in offering the most suitable solution for the specific application. In other words, a dialogue that permits to develop purposeful, customized solutions ».

Wide and diversified is in fact the product catalogue that the company, from its headquarters in Rho (MI), can propose and that synthetically includes: visual levels (solutions to be placed outside the tank); electromagnetic levels; range of certified levels (Atex); patented Rapid Level range, that’s to say electromagnetic levels but with different characteristics and functions from the traditional component.

Precise, safe, with multiple control points and with M12 output

In this context, the constant research carried out by the company’s technical staff has led to the birth of a new product in the family of the electromagnetic levels, that’s to say Ieg-M12.

Ieg-M12 is the new electromagnetic level proposed by F.lli Giacomello, devised to satisfy various applicative requirements in hydraulic sector.

«We are talking about a product – adds Giacomello – born to satisfy a specific need expressed by some customers, according to which the standard connector did not find broad consensus anymore. At least concerning some applications in automotive or earth handling environment ».

Manufactured to grant utmost safety, different control points in tanks and in small-medium hydraulic power units containing mineral oils with viscosity not exceeding 80°E, this level is also suitable for gas oil and other non-corrosive and flammable liquids. Besides, its intrinsic technical peculiarities make it precise and safe.

«When the level float – underlines Giacomello – in its race meets the Reed switch integrated in the tube at the pre-established distance, the contact, activated by the magnet housed in the float, opens or closes, thus providing the possibility of either sending a light or acoustic warning signal or of stopping whatever electrical equipment connected with it ».

These characteristics are then completed by others, witnessing the distinguishing versatility and flexibility of this level and, precisely: the possibility of managing up to 4 control points; the availability of M12 connector – 5 poles IP65; the possibility also of having a temperature sensor (PT100 or bi-metal pre-calibrated thermostat).

The new IEG-M12 level represents then a clear witness of the specialization levels to which the company addresses its commitment, as well as the will of offering a versatile, but at the same time reliable, precise and safe product.

«Great attention to quality– underlines and ends Daniele Giacomello – and to the fruitful and mutual collaboration with our customers. Only in this way we can, by taking small steps, continue our growth course on a national and world scale, both in terms of product portfolio and in terms of possible applications, as the market seems to demand».




Daniele Giacomello, general manager of F.lli Giacomello in Rho (Milan, Italy).