Pantecnica, a technical partner able to supply product and service quality in several operational segments.

High added value sealing systems

Serving the market with high flexibility, competence and forefront technological solutions.This, in short, the mission of Pantecnica, an Italian company that intends to be a reference technical partner able to supply product and service quality in several operational segments: from mechanics and industry in general to tramway and railway, from shipbuilding to military, from aeronautics to aerospace.

Established 45 years ago, Pantecnica operates in the sector of industrial components with the precise mission of offering technologically advanced solutions, as well as applicative competences at the service of designers working in several operational ambits.

«We are talking about – specifies Davide Fatigati, who manages the company together with his sister Flavia and his father Croce – about technical items essentially consisting of anti-vibration systems and fluid sealing systems, that’s to say seals, used not only in mechanics and industry in general, which represent about 60% of our turnover, but also in the sector of the construction of earth handling, special, military, tramway and railway, naval and aerospace vehicles».

A strategic positioning that roots its foundations into the deep know-how and the experience gained in so many years of activity, and that today results in a great specialization allowing the company, headquartered in Rho (Milan, Italy), to play a protagonist role on the market.

«Only in this way – adds Davide Fatigati – we can consolidate our position on the market, trying to interpret at best our role of technical partner of skilled customers that need both high-quality standard solutions and systems purposely developed in co-design and in co-engineering».

A structure whose precise target resides then in focusing its technical, research and development resources (that every year involve investments amounting to about 4-5% of the turnover), technical marketing and sales from stock of a broad range of executions. Systems and materials suitable for satisfying the most different requirements of fluid tightness and of isolation and/or damping of vibrations (active and passive), in the most varied operational ambits. In this context, stand out high added value products, including rubber and rubber-metal anti-vibration systems GMT Gummi-Metall-Technik, or the compound seals by PTFE ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik; German realities, the latter, with which Pantecnica holds the exclusive for the Italian market and with which it has been operating in partnership for over 30 years.

Not only products

Not only supply of products, then, but service quality: a synergy that starts from the initial co-design and co-engineering and reaches the development (wherever planned) of “tailor-made” pre-productions, the definition of the finished product, the volume manufacturing and the after sale service.

Davide and Flavia who manage, together with their father Croce Fatigati, Pantecnica Group.

«Our flexibility – adds Flavia Fatigati – allows us to manage in full autonomy the whole job order, both standard and “custom-developed” for our customers, with pre- and after sale support services aimed at providing rapid answers also in terms of provisioning and availability from ready in stock».

A management punctually controlled and followed, when supplied customers (directly or indirectly) are as outstanding such as Trenitalia (with supply of anti-vibration systems for even critical uses on bogies, for instance of Vivalto Regional Train, but also and more generally for the total comfort of the future passengers of the new high-speed train Etr 1000 Zefiro), like Fincantieri (for instance for FREMM Frigates), Airbus (with the supply of tie-rods, critical systems for the structure of aircrafts like the renowned A380) and such as other excellences in aeronautic ambit (field that has induced Pantecnica to obtain also the EN AS 9120:2010 certification).

«Aware of our strong points – underlines Davide Fatigati himself – and of the competences and potentialities offered in synergy with our partners, we have further consolidated our presence in some business areas deemed strategic. A choice that has further permitted our structure to be allowed joining both the Lombard Aerospace District and the Lombard Shipbuilding Production Chain, both acknowledged and supported by the Lombardy Region».

The value of operational flexibility

With a strategic positioning residing in the high product specialization, today Pantecnica can boast a panel of about 700 active served customers, for a turnover that should reach about 7 million Euros also for 2013, still confirming a (even if limited) growth trend.

«Not less important – specifies Flavia Fatigati – is Pantecnica Service, our subsidiary company that has seamlessly represented, from the operational point of view, the first activity of our Group and that, still today, with about one million of turnover, carries out its “service” function to satisfy the needs of technical items in the industrial sector ».

Anti-vibration systems Gummimetall distributed by Pantecnica in Rho (Milan, Italy).

It is characterized by a strongly territorial, streamlined and flexible connotation, permitting to answer timely and rapidly customers’ demands. Provided (as Pantecnica) with a wide and well supplied stock, it represents a reliable partner for industrial companies (both for the first use and for spare parts and maintenance), for resellers and for all those that operate in the construction, installation and maintenance of machines, plants and structures. Wide and diversified the catalogue of available technical products and items, to be manufactured also through the development of “ad hoc” solutions. Also that approach highlights that operational flexibility and constant research and development activity stand out for the future as constant key words for the whole Pantecnica Group.

Other anti-vibration systems in spring-steel version.

«Our specialization and our positioning – adds and ends Davide Fatigati – compel us to a comparison in the market with competitors whose organizational structures are completely different from ours. We answer by making available deep technical competence, high operational flexibility and technologically advanced solutions able to meet the most different needs. All that completed also by a particular attention to service, which sometimes includes also a direct management of foreign job orders on behalf of our customers».

A “modus operandi” that today permits Pantecnica Group to serve also international markets with same care and attention, thus widening its range of action and the opportunity of transferring technologies beyond the borders.






Other anti-vibration systems in spring-steel version.