11th European Electric Steelmaking Conference

AIM, the Italian Society for Metallurgy, has the honor to host once more the prestigious Electric Steelmaking Conference & Expo, after the successful events of Florence (1986) and Venice (2002).
The Conference, together with the exhibition, will be held in Venice at the magnificent Fondazione Cini on 25-27 May 2016. Nowadays, the fraction of the total world steel production coming from electric arc furnaces is up to 35% and we witness a non-stop technical development of the electric arc process and its auxiliary equipment. All these trends require a better cooperation of steelmaking operators in focusing the attention on increase of productivity, decrease of environmental impact and improvement of steel quality. Moreover, the coupling of such technology with new plant based on direct reduction of iron ores make electric furnace an interesting facility not only for a production route based on steel scrap recycling, but also for a flexible exploitation of mineral resources. The 11th European Electric Steelmaking Conference & Expo aims at providing a forum for information transfer of the latest techniques and applications in electric furnace steelmaking and at bringing together steel producers, research and academics active in steelmaking industries, energy production and plant supply concerns.