For High Capacity Testing

Hydraulic side-acting grips

A new series of dual side-acting hydraulic grips uses Instron‘s innovative DuraSync Technology with self-centering mechanical synchronizer (patent pending). Designed for high capacity testing with nominal loads of 250 kN, 600 kN, 1500 kN or 2000 kN respectively, these grips maintain a constant clamping force on the specimen that acts perpendicular to the direction of testing and is independent of tensile loading. Typical applications include mechanical testing of flat or round specimens, steel rods and plates, machined rounds and flats, reinforcement bars or wire rods.Fig1_Instron

Compared to common hydraulic or mechanical rack and pinion designs the DuraSync technology delivers enhanced gripping performance, usability, and operator safety. Adjustable clamping force alleviates specimen slippage and grip breaks. Side load dampening reduces the risk of grip damage when testing slightly bent or irregularly shaped specimens such as rebar or wire rod. Opposing jaw faces repeatedly self-center during specimen clamping reducing testing time and eliminating the need to resynchronize the grip faces between tests. And as the synchronizer is located outside the gripping pocket, it prevents from mechanical failure due to contamination.

Fully open-front design provides easy specimen insertion increasing testing efficiency and safety. Jaw faces are easily installed from the front side of the grips and require no maintenance beyond simply cleaning, reducing down-times and eliminating the cost of sending grips back to the factory for service.

The range of applications for the new DuraSync grips is widened by optionally available accessories, such as specially designed supports and inserts for testing of 3- and 7-wire strand. Compression testing is made available using an optional secondary load string adapter. And beyond, a thru-zero support option allows low-frequency, thru-zero cyclic testing.