Ultra-fast protection against overcurrents and short circuits

Power controllers, ultra-fast protection against overcurrents and short circuits

Gefran presents its Xtratm series of power controllers, an exclusive industrial solution with ultra-fast protection against overcurrents.

In production processes that utilize heating systems, Xtra series controllers prevent interruptions caused by intermittent power failures and significantly reduce machine downtimes.

This unique function eliminates the need to replace fuses or to reset circuit breakers. The controller trips instantaneously to zero the current in case of overcurrent and short circuit, thereby preventing damage to equipment and to the product being processed.

The controller is easily reset, both manually and automatically.

Gefran’s Xtratm power controllers increase plant profitability by maintaining production in case of intermittent failures of heating systems, eliminating downtime caused by a total shutdown of production lines.

Xtratm power controllers are available in models GTF Xtra at 25 to 60 Amps, 480 VAC, and in models GFW Xtra at 40 to 100 Amps for mono/2/3-phase systems, 480VAC.

Xtratm controllers are suitable for many applications, including electrical vacuum ovens, thermowells, plate molding and hardening lines, glass production, and PET bottle blowing machines.