A complete family for intelligent, high-power drives

A 210/250 cm3 piston pump

Launch of the 210/250 cm3 piston pump closes the last gap in a range that brings flexible, top-performing systems to off-highway machines.

Danfoss has introduced the 210/25Fig2_DanfossH10 cm3 pump frame sizes that complete its H1 family of piston pumps and bent axis motors for high-power mobile machines. With these additions, the now comprehensive range comprises 14 pumps with displacements covering 45-250cm3, five bent axis motors spanning 60-250 cm3 and five control options – a scope that leads the market for advanced transmission solutions.

«The largest frame sizes in our range bring new-generation hydrostatics to agricultural harvesters, combines, forestry machines and shredders, meeting OEM demands for top design flexibility and operational precision, efficiency and safety,» says Markus Plassmann, product marketing manager for high power closed circuit products.

Efficiency compensates low engine RPM

Featuring a compact, lightweight design, the H1 pumps and motors afford maximum flexibility when designing systems for today’s emission and functional safety legislation. High operating efficiency compensates in full for the lower rpm of emissions-compliant engines – the motors outperforming the competition by up to 6%.

«As we approach full implementation of the US Tier 4 emission legislation in 2014, OEMs need effective transmissions that maximize the use of available engine power,» says Plassmann.

«H1 provides the necessary flexibility and functionality, improving fuel economy and saving power for other vehicle functions.»

A patented integrated speed limitation (ISL) circuit adds to the high-level pump functionality, enabling improved vehicle braking with no risk of engine overspeed.

SIL 2-certified Automotive Control

In designing the optimized electric controls, Danfoss has paid attention to the SIL 2 functional safety requirements that, along with Tier 4, are driving the trend towards intelligent machine management. Enabling automatic adjustment of vehicle driving characteristics to on or off-highway conditions, H1 Automotive Control (AC) is pre-SIL 2 certified.

«H1 AC brings intelligent electronics to machines such as telehandlers, wheel loaders, dumpers and sweepers, which need to maintain a constant speed when moving up and downhill,» Plassmann explains. «In transport mode, H1 AC switches to automotive driving characteristics for the best operator comfort.»

Newest control options

Most recently, Danfoss has supplemented H1 AC with Eco Mode and Cruise Control options. Configured to lower engine rpm during on-highway transport, Eco Mode cuts fuel consumption by up to 20%.

The entire H1 family is compatible with the Danfoss PLUS+1® control platform, including pre-tested software blocks that save on system development time, bringing new applications faster to market.

For more information: powersolutions.danfoss.com