Granted suction flow and high-speed intervention

3-way Servo operated Solenoid Valves for Vacuum

We have witnessed a growing demand for solenoid valves by automation manufacturers in the packaging industry in recent years. But this demand is not always satisfied in the right way.

Thanks to the strength of over thirty years of experience in the field of vacuum and to a growing attention to research and customers’ practical needs, Vuototecnica wanted to conceive a solution that would be effective and at the same time fast; and so, designed a series of 3-way servo operated solenoid valves, at high-speed operation, for flow rates up to 600 mc/h (code 07 09 13).Fig1_Vuototecnica

The use of these solenoid valves is critical for intercepting vacuum on power supplies and palletizers with suction cups, vacuum thermoforming machines, vacuum packaging machines, slotter for cardboard, bag opener, and in all cases where it is necessary to quickly switch between the aspiration of vacuum pump and the air inlet in the circuit, for a fast restoration of the atmospheric pressure, depending on the application needs.

Those working in the chamber vacuum packaging sector understand the importance of suction flow rate, which can only be ensured by real opening diameter of the vacuum solenoid valves.

Thanks to a careful design of the internal mechanism, Vuototecnica 3-way servo operated solenoid valves ensure exceptionally low response times, almost negligible pressure drop, compact construction compared to large connections and minimum power consumption for their operation.

In fact, they can be equipped with low consumption piloting electric coil (2 watts), which of course is common and standard for the market of valves for compressed air, but not for the solenoid valves used for vacuum management where piloting solenoids from 14 watts of power still predominate.

For this reason, Vuototecnica solenoid valves offer energy-saving and PLC easier management.

Vuototecnica solenoid valves are all created from solid aluminum, so as to eliminate the minimum probability of loss; which is instead notoriously found on valve bodies derived from metal die casting or from plastic molding due to micro-cracks or blowholes during production.

Vuototecnica stands out for constructive attention, to make long-lasting components and exalt its functionality:

• Sealing on the abutment seats is ensured by two conical molded vulkollan ® shutters, at high mechanical strength.

• Stainless steel hexagonal stem/spool able to withstand the higher stresses from piloting overpressure and chemicals in the carried media.

• Contrast spring and stainless steel shot-peened return.

• Polyurethane canvas piloting membrane, ensuring a long life compared to actual stem/spool runs.

• All internal components can be inspected and are easy to maintain.

Solenoid valves can be used normally open or closed, simply by changing the position of intake pipe connection and without affecting components of internal mechanics: such as springs or membranes.

In addition, evidence of the design effort, to maximize operational efficiency, all Vuototecnica 3-way servo operated solenoid valves can manage a pressing counter blow on the third discharge way; both in the normally closed and in the normally open configuration.

This is an operation which is very appreciated by end-users, when there is a need to speed up grip and release machine cycles with suction cups or for easy cleaning suction pipes, especially in dusty environments.

For more information on these and other Vuototecnica products, you can visit the website, where you can find product specifications and drawings.

Vuototecnica also manages two blogs dedicated to the vacuum world and to solutions that best suit each customer’s needs.