A complete range of solenoid valves

Components for pneumatic automation

Optyma-S has been designed on the bases of the experience gained by Pneumax with the valves series Optyma.

With a size of 12,5 mm, it integrates all the technical features already developed and implemented on the Optima T & F, such as the integrated electrical connection. The flow rate is off 400 Nl; the solenoid pilots are at low consumption and fitted on the same side of the valve; mono and bi-stable valves have the same dimension.fig2_Pneumax

It is easy and fast to be assembled on the sub-base thanks to the ā€œone screwā€ mounting solution. It is possible to replace a valve without the need of disconnecting the pneumatic pipes, because electrical and pneumatic connections are positioned on the same side and can operate with different pressures and vacuum.

Further technical features are:

management of 32 electrical signals (16 bi-stable or any combination off mono and bi-stable vales up to max 32 signals) ;

the electrical connection is achieved thanks to a 37 pole connector;

the protection grade is IP65 directly integrated in the manifold components;

manifolds can be directly integrated with the most common fieldbus systems like CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus DP ed EtherCAT.