"Bestianera", between design, innovation and research

A new concept of (also hybrid) bike is born

Everyone has their “Black Beast”. The most difficult rise, an unbeatable rival, an irrational fear, are feelings that often leave no room for any possible reaction. 1There is only one way to deal with it: creativity. From creativity “Bestianera” is born, daughter of an intuition accompanied by advanced technological content, created from a functional and synthetic “gesture” developed into a sleek design and highly innovative experimental details. ACDD department (Advanced Cycling Design Department) has been created by T RED with the stated goal of bringing its revolutionary approach to the world of mobility on two wheels. “Bestianera” is the first creature of T REDc – ACDD. A completely new concept for a bike, an exclusive design and the possibility of different configurations and uses make “Bestianera” a unique animal in the cycling world: a bicycle with unique performances, lightweight, high-performance, technology driven and with an attractive, provocative and ironic design. It is born to let you move in the city with a unique means, and to run fast on the road or on the track.

Learn more: http://www.tred.me/project-view/bestianera/


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