EPTDA community has enlarged with 4 new Italian members

EPTDA continues to deepen its membership in Western Europe


Three leading distributors and two manufacturers in the power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) industry have joined EPTDA the past month. Thus, the EPTDA community has enlarged with 4 new Italian members (distributor companies V.B. Moto-Transmissioni SNC and ATI Morganti, and manufacturer companies UNIMEC and MecVel) and one Scottish distributor (R+M Bearings).  fig6_Eptda

EPTDA’s already consolidated presence in Italy is now getting even stronger, with 17 distributors and also 17 manufacturer member companies. EPTDA’s Executive Vice President Mr. Hans Hanegreefs states : “Italian companies in the PT/MC industry have a long history of producing and providing high quality products and services for the European PT/MC industry and this can only make EPTDA’s position stronger in Italy now adding these new member companies to its membership base. ”

EPTDA is also strongly embedded in the UK, one of EMEA’s leading countries in the PT/MC  industry with the arrival of R+M Bearings and currently taking the number up to 38 member companies in this country.

A.T.I. Morganti S.r.l was founded immediately after the Second World War by Renato Morganti and in June 2006  acquired its current name: A.T.I di MORGANTI S.R.L ARTICOLI TECNICI INDUSTRIALI . It operates in Tuscany and Umbria with a customer base of 17,000 names. ATI runs 8 warehouses located in major industrial centers,  with more than 100,000 codes in stocks.  In the year 2000 A.T.I. Morganti S.r.l founded a company in Brasil  ATI Artigos Tecnicos Industriais LTDA Curitiba – PR and currently A.T.I. Morganti S.r.l has 4 warehouses and 4 sales offices.  A.T.I. Morganiti S.r.l’s core business is  power transmission and is an authorized distributor of top brands in this industry.

Andrea Morganti, the Director General of A.T.I. Morganti S.r.l states about joining ETPDA: the reasons that led us to join EPTDA are mainly the possibility of knowledge of possible new suppliers of power transmission, as well as the opportunity to introduce our company to an international audience.”

R&M Bearings International Ltdis a leading Bearing and Power Transmission distributor based in Scotland but with 50% of their business overseas in Europe and beyond. Established by Steve Martin in 1983, the company have progressed to a staff of 8 with 3 of the key employees from the “Martin” family. The company holds a great stocks of bearings in Scotland along with the full range of PT equipment.

“R&M were originally members of EPTDA going back to 2001 and attended conferences in Berlin and Monaco, and joined the contingent that went to the PTDA in Las Vegas.  The directors had a few years break but were drawn back to EPTDA,since they are now in key positions to benefit from being members and establish new export partnerships with fellow members, due to their international exposure.” Said Steve Martin  Managing Director of R&M Bearings International Ltd.

With decades of experience in the trade of industrial technical products, V.B. MOTO-TRANSMISSIONI can offer high quality products and brands internationally recognized like BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI,NSK and many others. Thanks to years of experience V.B. MOTO TRANSMISSIONI is able to guide and advise customers in the purchase of the best technical solutions created to solve the most complex application problems. Great care and attention are paid to post-sales services, as the customer is assisted in every issue and evolution of the product.

Since 1987, MecVel develops and manufactures a wide range of AC & DC linear actuators and screw jacks, entirely “Made in Italy”. Thanks to the important role of new technologies, the company is able to create products that are both innovative and competitive in the market.  Through experience and technical knowledge, MecVel is a leader in customized design development.  MecVel is a recognized and certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, mainly due to its daily commitment in increasing the quality level of products and services and its solid corporate structure.

“As we are aware of the value and quality of our products, we are more and more directed towards the international market. The perfect solution has been to join EPTDA, and be part of the leading association for the industrial distribution channel in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, using this stage to make new contacts with important distributors and meet new customers.”  says Miria Bastoni, Sales Director at MecVel.

It was back in 1981 when Mr. Luigi Maggioni started the adventure called UNIMEC; 34 years later, the Unimec name has become a synonym for screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and speed modulation gears, due to the passion they have in manufacturing  their top brand quality components, today appreciated all over the world. Close to Milan, Unimec has a 20.000 m2 factory producing “state of the art” mechanical transmission products.

“Our decision to become an EPTDA member (definitely the most famous PT distributor association in Europe) is the natural effect of our “nature”, already having a widespread worldwide presence, through subsidiaries and agencies.   By joining EPTDA we aim to improve our worldwide presence thanks to new mutually beneficial partnerships with EPTDA member colleagues.” said Stefano Magni, International Sales Manager Unimec.