Aignep: a new button safety socket    

Aignep presents 2 new series of safety sockets: 01B120 series, for UNI-ISO 6150 B-12, and series 01B140, for UNI-ISO 6150 C-10, these are characterized by push button release and improved performances.

This type of sockets it’s well known in the automotive field and is in accordance with safety regulations ISO 4414 and EN 983.

These sockets are silicon free in order to fit the usage in painting plants and heavy duty applications, like other couplings from Aignep.

“Thanks to the positive test on the solution adopted on our series Top Flow (730 series), 0B120 and 0B140 mount an innovative type of shutter that allows a major flow rate, if compared to the market standard”- Graziano Bugatti (CEO of Aignep) explains – “Next project is the compatibility with UNI-ISO C-14”.

The range of quick couplings from Aignep grants an answer for all customers’ needs. Different kind of applications available, reliability and performance are some of the advantages of this range.

Thanks to the new series 0B120 and 0B14, Aignep can offer a world leader’s portfolio of quick couplings: 28 series, 140 models and more than 6 connection alternatives for the best offer on the market.

The width of this range is stressed by the number of DN available: from 2,5 up to 12 mm.

The mindset of Aignep is to offer complete availability and interchangeability to its customers, for this reason Aignep decided to develop only standard and normative profiles.