TSSR, the breather plug with valve and o-ring by Mintor

TSSR is a breather plug with valve and o-ring by the Italian company Mintor. This is a brass breather plug with specially-designed internal valve calibrated to 0,15 ÷ 0,30 bar. It opens at intervals and it allows venting of internal pressures created by fluid turbulence. Besides the advantage of not allowing the entry of foreign bodies, allows the overturning during shipment without any fluid leakage. Supplied without external seas. Operating temperature: -20°C / +100°C. Upon request, available with different calibrations and in aluminium alloy. TLAXP is a visual level indicator in steel with glass for high pressure. Body made in nichel-plated steel and transparent inspection window in glass. Suitable for high pressures max 30 bar and suitable for high and low temperatures from – 30°C till + 250°C. Its applications are: compressors, construction machinery and earth moving.