Vuototecnica helps the customers

An App for the vacuum cup selection

VTCalc is an Apple universal iPhone and iPad application by Vuototecnica that helps customers to find the right diameter of the suction cups by inserting the following data:

  • mass to be lifted
  • vacuum
  • number of vacuum cups
  • safety factor (never less than 2)
  • coefficient of fiction.

Safety factor must be equal to or greater than 2.

In the case of horizontal suction the coefficient of friction is equal to 1 while where a rotation is needed the value must be changed in relation to the workpiece surface to be lifted, e.g.:

  • for lubrificated surfaces
  • ÷ 0.3 for wet surfaces
  • 0.5 for wood, glass, metal and marble
  • 0.6 for rough surfaces.

The result may be seen as a recommendation for the vacuum cup selection: please contact our technical staff to evaluate the best solution for your needs.

The application supports English, Italian, German, French and Spanish. For the English language the regional format will be also checked to use either metric or imperial in the upcoming release 1.1.