Bluergo, your answer for copper windings

Specialized in the design and manufacture of electromagnetic and electronic components, Bluergo caters to the needs of many different sectors, offering custom-made products featuring an unbeatable quality-price ratio. With one plant in the Venetian area in Italy and another in the Slovak Republic, Bluergo is more than ready to offer its customers in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world a range of solutions encompassing stator coils, laminated and electronic transformers, solenoid valves, tachometer coils, engine injectors, electromagnets for servomechanisms, ferrite wound components and SMPS Power Supplies.

Known all over the world for its Tachogenerator coils for Washing machines and statoric coils, Bluergo is now exploring several new sectors from Automotive to Home Automation, from Home Appliance to Domotic, offering a wide range of new and “Smart” products. Home Automation, Home Appliace and Domotic are now becoming key sectors for the Company; in fact, the production of laminated and electronic transformers of different size and power is one of Bluergo strong points.

Thanks to the focus in Reaserch and Development, Bluergo may be considered not as a simple copper winding supplier, but as a real “partner”, as a “problem-solving” company, able to supply “full packages”. From the cost analysis to the co-design, Bluergo is able to give each customer his own product, adapted to each specific exigence. The Company may design, prototype and then manufacture each component, from the coils for the automotive sector, to the coils for pumps, from laminated transformers to electronic SMPS, adapting each product to a specific customer request.

Nowadays the concept of Connectivity and IoT is increasingly growing: smart objects more and more interconnected one with the other. For that reason Bluergo, reaping the fruits of its experience in the Transformers and Power Supply sector, has designed specific devices keeping pace with the Connectivity Evoultion.

Always being committed to the care of the “green”, Bluergo has introduced into the market its new brand “Le@f” of “Smart Transformers and SMPS Power Supplies”. Le@f transformers for PCB electronic cards cover a range that goes from EI30 to EI42 size and they are characterized by low losses. The natural evolution of this process is the low-medium power design of SMPS Power Supplies. Both the increasing energy saving awareness and the more and more severe attention to efficiency and low consumption have led Bluergo to develop those Le@f Power Supplies with optimized sizes and efficiency. Moreover, exploring the IoT concept Bluergo has also developed a solution that enables the remote control of a power supply and the simultaneous reading of its operational conditions.