Certified quality for high-precision linear transmission systems

Thanks to a constant range widening and to the capability of developing projects to customer design, Licat approaches several industrial sectors in increasingly competitive manner, backed also by the recent attainment of the EN 9100 Quality System Certification, specific for the aeronautical and aerospace industry.

To improve and to complete the two-speed gearboxes, Licat has recently introduced the new versions 600, 800 and 1200, joining the models LCG 250 and 300.
To improve and to complete the two-speed gearboxes, Licat has recently introduced the new versions 600, 800 and 1200, joining the models LCG 250 and 300.

With over half century of activity behind, Licat, with headquarters at Orbassano (Turin) represents a reference partner for the supply of gears, racks and pinions, complete solutions for high-precision linear transmission, worm gears, spline shafts, toothed sectors, couplings and frontal inserts, both as small series or as individual items. Components that find applications in different industrial ambits, from naval propulsion to railway traction systems, from the energy, oil&gas field to aeronautics/aerospace, and up to the diversified machine tool sector (for which they manufacture complete standard or customized linear transmissions), just to mention the main ones.

«A production – explains the Sales Manager Davide Cucchi – carried out inside the two production units of our Turin headquarters. One purposely dedicated to the production of high-precision standard linear transmission systems, the other specifically focused on special design machining, which today represent about 65-70% of our job orders».

In this context, the company generally fulfils its customers’ orders with complete supplies, i.e. providing materials, heat treatments, machining processes and testing. Besides, they can perform subcontracting machining orders, for both single cycle operations and for complete machining, with materials supplied by buyers.

Davide Cucchi, Sales Manager of Licat at Orbassano (Turin).

A lean and flexible structure, employing around thirty people, with a turnover that approximately reaches 5 million Euros, of which about 40% destined to the Italian market while the remaining percentage goes to Europe, Middle East, Far East and North America.

Constantly evolving product range

To satisfy the ever-changing requirements, Licat is constantly committed to the development of new solutions. As in the case of the two-speed gearboxes for which, besides the already available LCG 250 and 300 models, they have implemented also the new 600, 800 and 1200 versions; executions, the latter, which find their natural applications especially in the sector of big-size machine tools.

«We are speaking of gearboxes – explains Davide Cucchi – supplied as standard in their outer layout, then interchangeable with those available on the market but with a technical solution inside benefitting from the whole specific experience gained by Licat in high-performance special toothing. I am specifically referring to the special “extra-high” Licat profile, with high contact ratio. Due to the widening accomplished, several power ranges satisfy almost completely the sector requirements, with constant availability and very short and competitive delivery terms».

One of the company’s highlights, thanks to the already mentioned lean and flexible structure, consists in managing to provide technical answers and solutions in very short terms. In the case of the new Powerbox family, i.e. two-speed gearboxes, such availability is even more facilitated and marked out by some technical devices involving the use of numerous parts shared by several of its components, so the setup needs very short times.

Fig_02. Licat è specialized in the manufacturing of precision transmission gears and particularly in the machining of ground gears.
Licat è specialized in the manufacturing of precision transmission gears and particularly in the machining of ground gears.

Peculiarity of these systems, fully compatible –we confirm it once more – with the market standard consists in granting high reliability and as excellent performances even in very exacting and challenging applications.

«Range enlargement– further adds Davide Cucchi – that has recently concerned our racks, too, which today include as standard also the sizes module 14 and module 16. A response, for instance, for the requirements of those machine tools that cannot turn to the hydrostatic bearing technology or hardly equipped with high-efficiency guides to handle massive masses during their operation cycle».

Uncompromised process quality

Aware of the importance of the environment protection in the fulfilment of its manufacturing activities, Licat operates in compliance with a Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and EN 9100:2009 regulations, and it usually works with the major international Certifying Bodies, such as the Registro Italiano Navale, Register of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, American Bureau of Shipping, Italian Navy, Italian Army and Railways, besides directly taking care of tests and destructive/non-destructive tests with skilled personnel. Concerning this, the company pays in fact utmost attention to the quality of products, service and technical support to its customers. Service that for some years now has been focused also on an intense and increasingly demanded activity of recovery, overhaul, revision, technical upgrade and retrofit of transmission groups, even if not supplied by the company itself.

«Activity that more and more often avails itself of the precious contribution of reverse-engineering activities – ends Davide Cucchi – that for a complex product like the gear means the possibility of recovering data that can be unknown, tracing back reliably the original characteristics and the technical peculiarities of the analysed component. This is made possible by 3D measuring machines equipping our Metrological Room, provided with SIT calibrations and specific software, combined with non-destructive tests, carried out by our internal personnel qualified in compliance with 2nd SNT-TC-1A level according to ASTM regulations, for the assessment, the selection and the certification of the materials undergoing recovery, overhauling and reconstruction. Machines and personnel that qualify the company to execute such activities as subcontractor, too».