Colzani Ingranaggi, always at customers’ side

For 30 years, always at customers’ side. with this spirit, Colzani Ingranaggi has celebrated this important anniversary, an achievement reached due to the capability of offering complete service and support in the machining ambit for numerous industrial sectors.

Monza autodrome “Safe driving course” with Driving Camp.


Constant attention to customers’ requirements, detail care, propensity for investing in new technologies and in staff training. This formula has allowed Colzani Ingranaggi to go on growing for three decades and representing a reference reality for manufacturers, through the offer of a broad range of machining processes. Unceasing synonym of quality and reliability, precisely in the course of last weeks the company celebrated its first thirty years of activity. The enterprise, in fact, was established in 1989 by Antonio Colzani who decided to set up his own entrepreneurial activity after gaining a sound experience as workshop chief by Borgonovo Ingranaggi, company he will take over in 2013. In this ambitious adventure, he was supported by the determination and the motivational skills of his wife Candida Toscano: together, they gave birth to a craft company whose management is today shared with their two sons, Marco and Ornella. The company, which has grown due to the capability of matching the dynamism of an industrial reality with the peculiarities of an artisanal approach, is specialized in the gear cutting and grinding operations of medium/big size gears. The company, which avails itself of a team of 50 workers, has two production units and takes up a surface of 4,000 square metres, distributed as follows: an administrative office with gear cutting and turning department, a second one that houses the grinding division and a conditioned control chamber.

Colzani Ingranaggi was established in 1989.

«The need of suiting market demands has led the company to accomplish a precise development course: constant widening of the machine fleet, of tools and of the control type, besides an unavoidable enlargement of the covered surface used as shed and the constant engagement of highly skilled personnel», Ornella Colzani started explaining, when we met her in the headquarter at Mariano Comense, (Como, Italy).

Colzani Ingranaggi Group.

What products do you market and for what application sectors? 

«The mission of Colzani Ingranaggi srl is the production of transmission gears in the most various fields: iron and steel industry, energy, machine tools, reduction gears, gearmotors and overgears, just to mention some».

How do you support customers in the choice of the correct solution for their requirements?

«A multi-year experience in several fields allows us to highlight the criticalities in the machining cycles submitted by customers and to propose suitable alternatives according to the various applications».

What services do you offer in terms of co-design and after sales?

«We are provided with a design office equipped with Finite Element calculation software and CAD-CAM. We can in-house execute magnetoscopic test, Barkhausen control, tooth hardness and roughness».

What are your prospects for new products and new commercial and applicative outlets?

Antonio Colzani and Candida Toscano with their sons Marco and Ornella

«Our specialization is the manufacturing of big-size components, as we can grind toothing up to 4 metres of diameter, and due to the last investments in machinery we are more and more specializing in bi-helical and inner teeth of notable size».

All macroeconomic indicators highlight a slowdown of the world, and especially Italian, economy. Could you give us a balance of this first part of the year and outline your forecasts for 2019?

«The first six months of 2019 mirrored the 2018-year whereas the second part of the current year is actually showing some slowdown signs».

In these first thirty years of activity, what changes of your reference market have you seen and on what have you bet to grow and deal with difficult times?

Conclusion of the celebrations at Saint Georges Premier Restaurant in Monza Park.

«Mechanics has nothing to invent but the research of precision, quality and capability of decreasing implementation times is unceasingly growing, targets that result in huger and huger investments in technology. While this is a practical training for difficult times, from the theoretical point of view we try to remain coherent with corporate choices, to maintain high qualitative standards, to conform to delivery terms and to apply correct prices, in order to create the image of a reliable company in time».

How did you celebrate this important anniversary?

«We have decided to celebrate 30 years of activity inviting all employees to take part in a safe driving course involving races in teams and detections of single participants’ results, ending with a prizegiving and a party. This choice was not fortuitous. It is expression of the values that characterize our way of doing business, whose priority is safety, irremissible element in workplaces; the importance of the teamwork because only if we pursue the same goal together and there is synergy we can reach good results. At the same time, however, we must develop each single person’s potentialities, making room for everybody’s peculiarities and skills and awarding the best results».