For the second time the Italian company has adopted a Studer automatic grinding machine

Mini Motor “doubles” its precision

Mini Motor ‘s daily commitment is giving substance to the values that have always been the background of its activity; high-quality production and absolutely precise operativity, in order to offer the highest efficiency of its geared motors.

Precision is the very core of Mini Motor’s latest choice to grant the highest quality parameters in gears grinding; to this regard, the company has recorded real “doubling” by adopting an automatic Studer machine.fig1_Minimotor

This second grinding unit is branded as S22, and it is for high production. Together with Studer S242, already running on Mini Motor’s premises for long time, it extends the concept of “production platform”.

In fact, the new machine can perform both traditional cylindrical grinding, and HSP grinding and threading of other shape.

It proves to be ideal for a high-quality and highly flexible production, as Mini Motor’s is.

On occasion of the renewed cooperation with Studer, Mini Motor has also highly contributed to providing S22 with further automatic function which enables the rectification directly in line (this operation used to be performed manually) of all the gears coming from thermal treatments before their undergoing cylindrical grinding. This advancement stands as Mini Motor’s further step on towards closer interaction between process automation and precision work.

Mini Motor, the guarantee of a fully inhouse production

In confirming its trust to Swiss brand Studer, Mini Motor intends to keep its entire production cycle in home: engineering, manufacturing, test and start-up. Moreover, in a period of growth when Mini Motor is dealing with remarkable increase of production volumes, combining with increasing diversification of requirements, the addition of a new grinding unit will enable to grant higher promptness and speed in delivery regardless of the kind of order.