A perfect combination

Differential clogging indicator with built-in thermostat

An innovative product that combines the high performance of Euroswitch’s differential clogging indicator and that of its pressure thermostat, providing an effective solution in hydraulic filtering systems.Fig3_Euroswitch

Euroswitch, based in Sale Marasino, near Brescia (Italy) presents the new model 83T differential clogging indicator + thermostat, which is specifically designed for use in the filtering industry and for which a patent application has been filed.

The  model 83T differential indicator is the result of advanced technological research carried out at the company’s own laboratory. It provides and an accurate electrical indication of the status of the filtering element and avoids the false alarm signals that are common during low-temperature start-up, when the density of the oil is very high.

The electrical differential pressure indicator + thermostat features a brass body, SPST (or SPDT) electrical configuration, setting range 1.3-8 bar, IP67 protection rating and custom threading.

The innovative feature of this product is the fact that it combines in a single device the function of a differential indicator, which accurately measures the filter clogging pressure, and the unique sensitivity and response speed of a fixed-setting bimetal thermostat with an NO or NC contact.

This indicator simultaneously measures the temperature and pressure of a fluid in relation to a predetermined value. The new 83T differential indicator + thermostat provides a highly reliable solution that is sensitive to temperature variations in a fluid and, like all Euroswitch products, is guaranteed to be totally safe and efficient.