For applications in the furniture and industrial sector at low cost

New electron beam welding accumulators

The new range of membrane accumulators type WA by the Italian company SAIP, use an innovative productive process that grants high product reliability and versatility in the applications in the furniture and industrial sector at low cost.Fig1_Saip

The use of high-strength materials and the electron beam welding of caps provide the advantages of high product compactness and reduced weight.

WA accumulators can be supplied with standard precharge M28x1.5 valve, to monitor and to regulate the precharge pressure according to the use conditions, or in the already precharged and sealed version to be completely maintenance-free.

These membrane accumulators are mainly used as absorbers of water hammers, as pulsation dampeners or as energy store in the following sectors: furniture, industrial, machine tools and agriculture.

Examples of applications:

– braking systems;

– hydrostatic steering controls;

– suspension systems

– load stabilizers in lifting systems;

– emergency devices;

– reduction of pump pulsations;

– lubrication systems;

– energy saving and reduction of the pump size.

All SAIP accumulators are designed and manufactured in compliance with the European Directive 97/23/CE regarding pressurized vessels that is acknowledged and accepted by all member States of the European Union and by the states of the European Economic area.

These accumulators are manufactured in the capacities from 0.05 litres to 4 litres with maximum working pressures of 100, 140, 210, 250 and 350 bars, in the carbon steel versions with electrostatic painting with salt mist resistance of 250 hours, or fully made of stainless steel.