Eaton’s CLS Sectional Mobile Valves Offer Modularity and Versatility to the Mobile Off-Highway Equipment Market

Power management company Eaton has announced the launch of its CLS Sectional Mobile Valve. Featuring a highly modular design with one of the smallest envelopes in the industry, the valve allows end users to prioritize work functions to improve productivity, machine efficiency and safety.EH005986 - CLS Valve

“The modular, highly versatile CLS Sectional Mobile Valve was designed to streamline features – adding value without increasing size or sacrificing flexibility,” said Andreas Kling, EMEA product group manager, Eaton. “With a number of available features unique to many load-sensing valves, such as priority flow sharing and local load sense relief on each section, OEMs can customize the valve to meet the distinctive needs of their machine.”

The pre- and post-compensated mobile valve offers up to 10 working sections and available mid-inlet or customer manifolds. The valve is available in models CLS100, CLS180, CLS250 or CLS350 to accommodate different flow requirements – 100 liters per minute (l/min), 180 l/min, 250 l/min and 350 l/min, respectively. Each valve may accommodate a working pressure inlet port of 350 bar and a maximum pressure T- port of 25 bar.

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