Euroswitch achieves UNI ISO 45001 Certification

Euroswitch achieves UNI ISO 45001 Certification for its Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

The Italian company Euroswitch is known for designing and producing high-quality sensors, and the company has obtained UNI ISO 45001 Certification for its Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems. This standard has been in force since March 2018, and specifies the requirements for an occupational health & safety management system and guidelines on its use. The aim is to enable organisations to create safe, healthy workplaces to prevent work-related illness and accidents, while proactively improving performance levels. This achievement accompanies various quality endorsements the Brescia company has acquired. It is not just a routine endeavour, as the standard requires special focus on context and the assessment of risks and opportunities in the business, and proactive involvement by raising the awareness of all stakeholders, from the management team through to operators and all interested parties.

Euroswitch has held UNI ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification for many years. The first, issued by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), updates previous parameters in terms of process management, by prioritising complete customer satisfaction and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of results. The second is a benchmark standard for companies intending to have an environmental management system to control these aspects and meet legal requirements, following on from the development and implementation of a policy to safeguard the environment.

All three ISO certificates are valid for the design and production of electronic and electromechanical level, pressure, temperature, flow, speed and rotation sensors using work processes that include resin coating, assembly, welding and test procedures.

An integrated management system

By combining these three separately created systems, Euroswitch has established an integrated management system. The aim is the joint management and optimisation of company processes, with the implementation of an ongoing improvement policy targeting overall efficiency and effectiveness, and using tools that keep the multitude of company processes and operations under control. This is not a mere marketing exercise – it is the latest achievement that further endorses the willingness of Euroswitch to stand out in a highly-competitive global market, thanks to the company’s quality products and excellent performance.