Filtering solutions for renewable energies

The Italian company Fai Filtri has expanded the fields of application of its range of separators to the renewable energy market. Starting from the classic air/oil separators, typical of air compressors and industrial vacuum pumps, Fai Filtri has been able to create separators capable of adapting to the most different fields of use, including the entire natural gas sector and the biogas-biomethane plants sector. In the later area, the company focuses on plants that produce energy from animal waste, agricultural and food waste and organic waste.

Technical features

Alberto Vietti, Fai Filtri’s Technical Director, explains: «The fermentation of biomass in anaerobic digesters makes it possible to obtain biogas; this gas mixture is not directly usable as a fuel because it is impure, containing, among others, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. In the treatment plants, a first set of compressors conveys the biogas (also called raw biogas) into the “upgrading” system, capable of eliminating impurities, thus transforming the gaseous mixture into biomethane. Subsequently, a second set of compressors raises the pressure for entry into the distribution or transport network».

Not only for traditional applications

The General Manager, Roberto Pasotto

The separators of the DCC, DFE, DFN, DFF series, traditionally intended for air purification into rotary/vane compressors, have been adapted to these new needs, both for pre-treatment and post-treatment (upgrading) biogas compressors.

For small systems, the DSP series (spin-on) has also been created in a special version. Thanks to the use of special surface treatments, dedicated filter media, seals and adhesives suitable for any type of fluid, the company has been able to decline the principle of coalescence for the intended use described.

A word from Roberto Pasotto

Fai Filtri’s General Manager, Roberto Pasotto, says: «Once again Fai Filtri demonstrates its ability to develop filtering solutions in different sector and applications. With this new proposal we want to offer new opportunities in a market that has great growth possibilities: the renewable energies sector».