Euroswitch has obtained the prestigious IEC EX and ATEX certifications


Fig1_EUROSWITCHEuroswitch continues to strive to enhancing its quality system in order to esnure the highest level of quality of its products.  A clear evidence of this are the two new certifications that the Italian Sale Marasino-based company (near Brescia), a world famous designer and manufacturer of sensors of excellence, has recently obtained for recognition at an international level.

  • IEC EX certifications for the use of pressure/vacuum switches in the mining and non-mining industry (outside Europe).IECEx-Logo

IECEx  is an internationally accepted certification scheme confirming compliance with Ex standards  (issued by IEC, the International Electrotechnical Commission), of electrical products to be installed in areas at risk of explosion.   The aim of IECEx is to facilitate international trade of Ex equipment, by ensuring the safety levels requested and improving visibility of the product evaluation process at a global level. The IECEx scheme is recognized in over 30 international markets, including the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, China, South Korea, India, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

  • ATEX for the use of pressure/vacuum switches in the mining industry (in Europe).Logo ATEX

As early as in 2009 Euroswitch was awarded the ATEX certification for the use of a series of products and components in “potentially explosive atmospheres”, which mainly involved products in the range of pressure switches, vacuum switches, thermostats and level sensors. A new major step forward in quality has now been made by including the M1 category (Mines). This involves equipment that is designed for use in accordance with the operating parameters established by the manufacturer and can ensure a very high level of protection in underground operations in mines and surface installations exposed to the risk of release of firedamp gas and/or combustible dusts.  Equipment falling under this category must remain operative in an explosive atmosphere at any time, even in the event of exceptional system failure.

The ATEX certification has recently been updated to comply with EC directive 94/9/EC to include level sensors and thermostats.

The updated standards Euroswitch products comply with are:


EN60079-11: 2012

EN50303: 2000

Two new major steps forward in quality proving corporate ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standard of safety and reliability for increasingly demanding stakeholders.