Fai Filtri new BSD Series

Fai Filtri presents the new BSD Series. The new spin-on filters for fuels and lubricants widen the company’s product range.

Fai Filtri, sound Italian company that produces filtration elements and components for aftermarket, hydraulics, electrical discharge machining, air/oil separation and industrial plant engineering sectors, presents the new Series BSD: spin-on filters for fuels and lubricants characterized, like all spin-on products by Fai Filtri, by extreme user friendliness and a fast clean replacement of the cartridge.

State-of-the-art Diesel engines have reached high efficiency levels due to high-technology fuel-injection systems. Inside these systems, the sizes of injectors’ nozzles and the high working pressure play a fundamental role for a complete, clean and efficient combustion. For devices of this kind, it is indispensable the fuel in the circuit is completely free from impurities. During the journey of the Diesel fuel from the refinery to the tank, however, numerous transfers occur, with various sources of potential contaminations owing to solid particles and water; both may exert noxious effects on the components of the motor and on its operation.

For a total protection of injection systems

For a total protection of injection systems, solid contaminants and water must be removed. To this end, Fai Filtri has designed the new BSD Series, composed by the lines of Fuel and Water Absorbing spin-on filters, devised for applications like the in-out filtration of bulk storage tanks, fuel pumps, hose reels, mobile systems and stationary systems.

Meanwhile, Fai Filtri has designed also another family of spin-on filters, intended for the oil filtration and subdivided into the Light Oil and Heavy Oil typologies, both characterized by a higher efficiency degree for solid contaminants. Applications can be engines, generators and any other machinery or equipment with a hydraulic system. The typical use destinations of Light Oil models are transmission systems and hydraulic equipment whereas those of Heavy Oil models are gearboxes and engine lubrication systems. Each filter typology provides for a specific filtration degree, compatible with the viscosity range of the oil used: the pressure loss is guaranteed on a wide range of flow, for an optimal system functionality.

All filters of the BSD Series benefit from innovative characteristics: neutralization of electrostatic charges to prevent micro-damages to filtering media.

Technical characteristics

All filters of the BSD Series benefit from innovative characteristics: neutralization of electrostatic charges to prevent micro-damages to filtering media, they are equipped with epoxy coating on some metal components for increased chemical compatibility of fluids; they are provided with Viton gaskets for a correct operation during lifetime service, besides obviously assuring excellent sealing performances. Moreover, in the case of the Water Absorbing, a special media can retain high amounts of water that contaminates the fuel.

Thanks to the new Series BSD, which enriches the already broad offer of filtering solutions, Fai Filtri adds another important stage to its growth course.


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