Freudenberg-NOK Renews Support for Collegiate Fuel Economy Competition

1Vehicles that easily rack up more than a thousand miles per gallon of fuel are not the stuff of automotive dreams.
They will actually take to the roads next year during the 2015 SAE Supermileage Competition and Energy Saving Seals (ESS™) will once again support the ingenious college students who are designing these single passenger wonders with custom seals and engineering resources. For a third year, Freudenberg will support the Supermileage event as both a Gold Sponsor and a component supplier. The company has engineered a new series of custom Energy Saving Seals (ESS™) to fit the latest Briggs & Stratton engine that the students use to power their Supermileage cars. The seals, part of the company’s Low Emission Sealing Solutions (LESS) portfolio, are custom designed to fit the crankshaft on the small four-cycle engine. While the single-occupant vehicles that the students design are much smaller than the cars and trucks navigating today’s highways, global automotive manufacturers are also intensively focused on improving fuel economy and lowering vehicle emissions.