New solenoid valves for vacuums, for faster responses

2Vuototecnica presents a new, fully innovative series of solenoid valves for vacuums to guarantee exceptionally low response times have been created from Vuototecnica research and experience. They are three-way vacuum solenoid valves, pilot-operated for capacities exceeding even 200 mc/h: They are used for vacuum interception on power supply units and suction palletizers, vacuum thermoformers, vacuum packaging units, robots, feeders, bag opening units and in all those cases where rapid exchange between pump suction for vacuums and air supply into the circuit is necessary for quick restoration of atmospheric pressure. Solenoid valves technical features: connections: Ø 2″ – 3″ gas; capacity: Nmc/h 300 – 600; working pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar; actuator pressure: from 4 to 8 bar; suctioned fluid temperature: from – 5 to + 60°C.

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