For handling non-aggressive fluids with sufficient lubricating properties

Fuel oil handling pump

In more than thirty years of activity, the Italian company Settima Meccanica Srl (Piacenza) has brought the care of the mechanical Italian tradition within industrial products competitively priced. Its pumps are the result of an ongoing commitment to research and development, which enables Settima to offer its customers products with excellent performances and low noise.

Among these the SFO series, pumps in which the fluid has a uniform axial flow, which leads to a minimum of fluid pulsation and an extremely quiet operation. Sfo pump has been designed for handling non-aggressive fluids with sufficient lubricating properties, and it is ideal for lubrication, circulation and transfer lubrication of diesel engines, hydro turbines, paper machines, tool macines, gears, gas and steam turbines. Circulation for filtration and cooling, engine fuel filtration and boosting (shipyard and power plants), hydraulic systems and transformers oil for insulation, transfer onboard, refineries, oil factories etc.

When required, this pump series, may be certified according to the most common classification societies: Dnv, Bv, Lrs, Abs, Rs, Gl, Rina, Kr, Nk Or Ccs. SFO pump can be equipped with one of the following solutions: lip seal, double seal (lip seal + mechanical seal), magnetic coupling. The magnetic coupling is a permanent magnetic synchronous coupling ables to transmit torque through magnetic forces between the internal and external rotors. Applying a magnetic coupling, the drive and the driven sides are hermetically separated. In case of critical media the magnetic coupling is a reliable seal and avoid any serious leaking. The magnetic coupling is the containment shroud that is fixed to the driven sided power  unit and separates internal and external rotors from each other. Due to the absence of  mechanical connection the vibration torque transmission is very low, with completely leak-proof separation of product and atmosphere. The magnetic coupling is used to ensure no media leaking or when working in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.