High resistance to pressure and great flexibility

Thermoplastic tubing in Rilsan

Presented by the Italian company Zec (Colorno, Parma), Rilsan T is a thermoplastic tubing particularly suitable for industrial pneumatics and developed using an innovative polymer: the Rilsan T.

Such raw material is a special PolyAmide (PA10.10) of green origin, obtained from renewable sources, alternative to technical polymers derived from hydrocarbons.

It is a high quality tubing able to ensure excellent resistance to pressure, great flexibility and reduced bend radii. For all applications for fluids conveying, this tube also shows an excellent chemical resistance and a good resistance to heat (working temperature is in the range -40°C to +100°C). This tubing has successfully passed all tests required by the DIN 74324, DIN 73378 and ISO 76281 international standards.

These tubes are also in compliance with the European directives REACH (2006/1907/EC) and RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU).

Other technical features: tensile stress at yield (Iso 527), 25 MPa; elongation at break (Iso 527), >200%; tensile modulus at +23°C (Iso 527), 375 Mpa; flexural modulus at +23°C (Iso 178), 325 Mpa; hardness instantaneous/after 15 s (Iso 868), 70/64 Shore D; notched Charpy impact at +23°C (Iso 179), >80 kJ/m2; notched Charpy Impact at -30°C (Iso 179): 7 kJ/m2.