Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche turned to Comur satisfactorily to widen its production cycle

Gear cutting machines for high-quality gears

Succeeding in coupling a constant technological upgrading with deep experience means to approach the market with a higher competitiveness level. Without forgetting that the targeted choice of specific machine tools can prove to be winning and sometimes exceed expectations. Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche turned to Comur satisfactorily to widen its production cycle, to conquer new sectors and to improve the finished product quality.


Operational flexibility, product quality and technological upgrading. They are the main strong points on which Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche strongly focuses to carry out at best its activity in the production of gears, pinions, racks and transmission gears of various types, besides assembled groups.

«We can produce – specifies the managing director Alberto Fusetti, met in the company’s headquarters at Rovello Porro (Como, Italy) – components of different complexity for sheet metal working machines, plants for the steel rolling as well as for the shipbuilding and oil industry».

Sectors that in the last few years have widened thanks also to targeted acquisitions of machine fleets, constant feather in the cap of this dynamic entrepreneurial reality.

«A machine fleet – underlines Fusetti – composed by numerous CNC gear cutting machines, tooth cutting machines, also internal models, as well as thread cutting machines, grinding machines, CNC lathes and 3-or 5-axis machining centres».

Among gear cutting machines, also some Comur models stand out, two of which fruit of a recent targeted acquisition aimed at completing the production department and at enlarging the market opportunities.

Utmost 6-axis flexibility

«After the 6-axis gear cutting machine purchased in January 2013 – specifies Fusetti – in 2014 we decided to buy two new machines. Precisely a gear shaping machine Comur DC LS1000 Cnc and a gear hobbing machine, still by Comur, model DK PE1000 Cnc, both with 6 axes ».

The gear shaping machine DC LS1000 allows Fusetti to machine steel gears with strength of about 600 N/mm2 and maximum nominal modulus of 18 mm, maximum diameter (external toothing) of 1,100 mm, minimum diameter (internal toothing) of 10 mm, for a maximum shaping width of 230 mm. The machine stands out also for the tool travel (230 mm), tool strokes (range included between 20 ÷ 400 per minute) and shaping table rise distance of 750 mm.

Prearranged for the robotic loading, this gear cutting machine is supplied with the following standard gear cutting cycle: possibility of 4 passes (of which 3 for roughing and one for finishing); possibility of stopping the cycle at the end of any roughing operation and restarting from the successive step; possibility of repeating the finishing only; slotting cycle; digressive infeed cycle; programmable cutter offset and orientation of cutter and workpiece.

«Standard cycles– further adds Fusetti – segment gear cycle and digressive infeed cycle, which allow us to satisfy a wider operational demand. New opportunities  also concerning the workable diameters that with the machine previously replaced could not exceed 630 mm. The same advantage in terms of higher detectable productivity also for the hobbing machine, which includes in its programmes both straight and conical, bombed, helical and bi-helical toothing ».

View of the gear hobbing machine by Comur DC LS1000 Cnc, recently bought by Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche.
View of the gear hobbing machine by Comur DC LS1000 Cnc, recently bought by Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche.

More in detail, the gear shaping machine DK PE1000 Cnc, it too fully operating by the factory of Fusetti Trasmissioni Meccaniche since early September, can machine a maximum nominal modulus of 18 mm, for a maximum diameter (external toothing) of 1,200 mm (with hob with 210 mm-diameter up to 1,000 mm), with maximum axial stroke of 700 mm, distance between spindle axis and table axis included in the – 50 ÷ 670 range. It is worth highlighting also the maximum hob sizes (diameter x length) equal to 210 x 240 mm, with a spindle with 20.5 kW of power in a 20 ÷ 400 rpm range. Still equipped with 6 axes, this gear cutting machine is also provided with a direct hob axis torque motor.

The flexibility of the machines proposed by Comur is also assured by the CNC equipping them, that is to say a Siemens model 840D S.L., execution that allows satisfying the most different needs and exploiting the potentialities of the whole mechanics at best. CNC appreciated also on the gear hobbing machine DK P 1800/2300 Cnc purchased by Fusetti last year, machine that, like the new acquisitions, has allowed further widening the diameter machining range up to a maximum of 3,000 mm.

«Also thanks to this gear cutting machine – specifies Fusetti – we succeeded in enriching our production department and in widening our possibilities as suppliers. Thanks to it, we have for instance acquired a job order for pinions modulus 20, in line with the requirements of times and quality expressed by the customer, in the past unattainable for us».

Currently equipped at Fusetti to carry out machining up to modulus 30, the machine is provided with a cutting programme through insert cutter (just for big modules). As completion of Comur machine fleet, it is worth pointing out also a 6-axis gear hobbing model DK P400 and a 5-axis gear shaping LS400.

From the product quality to the service quality

Fusetti highly appreciates also the support service that Comur can offer, in line with the requirements of a flexible company that rapidly manages its production processes.

«It is essential for us– states Alberto Fusetti – to rely on a service that, if needed, can provide us with concrete replies in very short times. In other words, with the same rapidity with which we must deal with the market daily in the various application ambits where we operate».

A variety of fields where the Rovello Porro company is present and that, in time, has allowed it to refine production processes and techniques on several materials, enabling it to boast a deep experience in the machining of alloyed steels, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and plastic materials, too.

Thanks also to the new machines purchased by Comur, it can supply machining concerning the subcontracting gear cutting and grinding and finished parts upon design with the following specifications: straight and helical toothing with maximum diameter of 3,000 mm; gear cutting and grinding of grooved shafts; gear cutting and grinding of worm screws, internal gear cutting; broaching in general; worm screws-bronze crowns; racks; special reduction gears upon design.

Machining of internally toothed fifth wheel, modulus 10.
Machining of internally toothed fifth wheel, modulus 10.

«Besides – ends Alberto Fusetti – starting from customers’ specifications, we can accomplish the complete supply of the component, including the assembly of groups like reduction gears, multipliers, gearboxes and angular transmissions».

Activity that in time the company has completed with the revision, overhaul and repair of reduction gears installed on old plants of which it is difficult to find spare parts, like old draw-benches, steel plants, cranes and mills.

Therefore, diversification and constant technological upgrading that, despite a still difficult market, will allow the company to end the 2014 still growing, continuing its positive trend.



From the single machine to the complete line for the gear production

Comur originates from the particular Demm reality, renowned company of the Sixties from which comes the founder of Tonelli family, Enzo Tonelli, at that time responsible for the tool machine department just in the historical Demm factory at Porretta Terme (Bologna, Italy). From the small workshop where Enzo carried out simple maintenance works for Demm, starting from 1962, assisted by some collaborators only, today Comur has become a reference company in the sector of machine tools for gears. A reality that, under the current management of the founder’s son Adolfo, in his turn supported by his son Matteo, can rely on the collaboration of 25 specialized technicians and boast the presence of adequate structures and cutting-edge equipment. New machines of high quality and precision, manufactured by exploiting the unequalled stability of the standard machine structure, removing all obsolete parts, replacing them with forefront equipment and devices from the technological point of view. The final result is a high-quality finished product, fruit of the synergy among the best aspects of two generations of machinery: the structural stability of the past and the technological progress of present and future. Gear shaping machines, gear hobbing machines, shaving machines, burring machines and chamfering machines, with the addition of sharpeners and testers – lappers; machines controlled by state-of-the art Siemens CNC and all prearranged for a possible dialogue with robots or automatic loading systems. A technological matching able to offer competitiveness and versatility to customers for the most different typologies of gear batches as well as know-how and experience to supply, besides gear cutting machines (gear shaping or gear hobbing), also all other useful machinery inside the gear production chain: the company is in fact proud of offering the complete line for the gear production.