Harmonic Drive® Globalisation: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. becomes majority shareholder of Harmonic Drive AG

Mr. Reinhard Ernst, owner of Harmonic Drive AG. Interglobal Industrieholding GmbH, sold its majority interest in Harmonic Drive AG to Harmonic Drive Systems Inc., Tokyo. With effect from March 22, 2017 the sale of the shares has been completed.

Since the founding of the company in 1970, and with the cooperation of Harmonic Drive Systems Inc., Ernst has successfully guided the Harmonic Drive AG into its position in the European market as technology leader for high precision drive technologies. Today, the company employs almost 400 people at various global locations with a turnover of almost 100 million euros in 2016. The many years of successful cooperation with the Japanese buyer supplies a sound basis to Ernst for the continued success of his life’s work.

Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. also holds a majority interest in Harmonic Drive LLC, Boston, in addition to its newly acquired shares of Harmonic Drive AG. This acquisition now completes the foundation for the global and uniform marketing of the Harmonic Drive® Brand.

This gives rise to new opportunities for sales, technology and production engineering cooperation. Synergies in common development will emerge and will be used even more to the benefit of the customers. In particular, the merger will provide even better support to global customers.