Screw compressors

High efficiency and quiet operation

For the first time, Boge is itself manufacturing the key component at the heart of all screw compressors over 22 kW. The innovative Boge effilence compressor air end will in the future be manufactured in the Saxon town of

Großenhain, Germany, and will be introduced to the market in the new S-3 series.

The name says it all: Boge effilence stands for two quality characteristics: efficient compression (efficiency) and quiet operation (silence). Vibrations and oscillations were reduced to a minimum to ensure low-noise operation. At the same time, the efficiency of the stage was significantly increased, with the 5:6 screw profile of the rotors ensuring a low differential pressure between the chambers and therefore a minimal loss in volume flow. The optimal design of the rotational speed meant that losses in efficiency due to splashing (fluid friction) could be minimised.