Preformances of a new series of hydraulic motors

High pressure capability!

SAI hydraulic motors of the new GS series can reach higher rotation speeds than the conventional solutions available on the market.

SAI hydraulic motors of the new GS & S Series conjugate GM/L series benefits with the possibility to reach high rotation speed; in fact they have maximum speeds which are 2-3 times higher than those normally expected in radial piston motors, the ratio between max. speed and min. speed is higher than any other type of equivalent hydraulic motor, giving great flexibility of application.

The rugged design of the motors and their high operating efficiency enable high continuous powers to be transmitted. The motor makes the most of speed with disc cage on crankshaft central roller bearing.

This particular kind of cage offers two remarkable advantages, compared to most of the cages available on the market:

1) minimize heat generation, due to the reduced friction area.

2) maximize heat dissipation, as surfaces of the rolling parts are easier to flush.

Further features of the series are:

  • forced lubrification of all load-bearing surfaces;
  • low sliding speeds of load-bearing surfaces;
  • high dynamic stability of the pistons;
  • mechanical non-elastic piston guidance design;
  • increased cylinder-wall thickness and stronger cylinder trunnions for stiffer and higher strength cylinders.

If the ratio between maximum and minimum  speed is very high, this hydraulic motor is suggested.

Suggested application fields:

  1. mobile (on differential)
  2. milling machines
  3. assembly on gearboxes.