Industrie Unibind Spa chose the company Pneumax as partner for the pneumatic automation

The binder does everything by itself

A binder realizes a panorama photo album: it creases and constructs the block, cutting the pre-glued paper and putting it among the folded photos. The operator must only remove the block and put it in the furnace and from here in the press, Then, the normal cover cutting and gluing follows. The process is fully automated pneumatic.

Under the name Industrie Unibind Spa two main brands live together: Unibind and Photostory. Unibind is a Belgian brand, present in over 120 Countries, which for over 30 years has been supplying innovative binding systems and a complete range of accessories for the presentation and storing of documents. The corporate mission of this innovative company consists in supplying high-quality products and services that make communication more effective. The main target is to be a family-owned company, leader in the world in the presentation of documents and based on the essential values of integrity, correctness, loyalty and sense of responsibility, encouraging the professional development of employees and of commercial partners.

The Unibind binder takes (browsing them one by one) the panorama photos, printed by other machines, and it assembles them thus creating a complete album. The automatic machine “does everything by itself”: it creases and constructs the block, by cutting the pre-glued paper and introducing it among the folded photos.

Photostory is in its turn an Italian brand that couples consumer machines and products, from A to Z, used in the realization of photo books, album books or photo albums for digital photography, all that devised, designed and realized in the Fano (Pesaro Urbino, Italy) factory. The main reference target are photographic labs bust also photographic studios that implement the photo book product totally in-house, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. The last implemented project, in terms of time, concerns a machine able to cut from the rough materials all the components needed for the realization of a cover, to carry out a simple manual assembly and to complete the product with the definite fixing in automatic modality. This machine provides excellent performances also thanks to software able to interact with working data, for the full management of the job order.

Pneumatic automation

Industrie Unibind have chosen the company Pneumax as partner for the pneumatic automation, thanks to its wide production range, in the technical forefront and able to satisfy the most demanding applications, in addition to its excellent service to customers mainly based on collaboration, competence and flexibility.

The collaboration started in 2007 when the whole production chain of machines was established, from design to implementation. Handling components excluded, Industrie Unibind chooses within the whole technical proposal by Pneumax and consequently all machines are equipped with its products. The most complete application concerns the new automatic machine: a binder that, at the end of the operations, makes a panorama photographic album. Its functions consist in taking panoramic photos (browsing them one by one), previously printed by other machines, executing the necessary processing operations to assemble them together with the patented product and finally creating a complete album. The automatic machine “does everything by itself”: it creases and constructs the block, by cutting the pre-glued paper and inserting it among the folded photos. The operator just removes the block and puts it in the furnace, finally displacing it into the press. Then the normal procedure of cover cutting and gluing follows. Over the years Pneumax products have always proved to be up to the expectations for versatility, flexibility, reliability and precision. The main strong points of the Bergamo company have been, for Industrie Unibind, the proximity of the zone reseller, technical advice and problem-solving, the excellent ratio between quality and price of its products.

The new groups for the compressed air treatment series Airplus , developed by the Italian company Pneumax.

The new groups for the compressed air treatment

Flexibility, design, easy installation, performances and low cost are only some of the characteristics of the new Pneumax range for the compressed air treatment. The new Airplus series, installed also by Industrie Unibind, has been developed paying particular attention to easy and fast installation, to the improvement of performances and to the introduction of state-of-the-art technical solutions. The modular structure grants absolute flexibility and the new coupling system among the modules, with the aid of technopolymer flanges with fast fastening assures an easy and rapid installation. This new concept allows removing, replacing or adding a module without compulsory dismounting the whole group.

The large use of the technopolymer has allowed notably reducing the weight of products while improving their performances. The optimization of internal flows, the revision of each single module and the development of new technical solutions have determined a flow rate increment in some elements up to 50% and the introduction of some novelties that result in additional performances and services for the end user. In addition to standard elements such as filter, pressure reducer and lubricator, some further accessories are available such as the manual lockable shut-off valve, with electrical or pneumatic control, the progressive starter, the air intake and the pressure switch.

The new Airplus series is available in 3 sizes with threaded connections made of technopolymer or with metal inserts starting from G1/8” up to G1/2” for maximum flow rates of 5,000 Nl/min.

The solenoid valves series Enova by Pneumax.

Solenoid valves as synonym of flexibility

Innovation, rationality, design, high performances in very compact sizes; these are the characteristics of the solenoid valves series Enova, completing the range 2000, product by now steadily consolidated and widely appreciated by Pneumax customers for its extreme flexibility. In the development of the new series we have taken into account the market evolutions occurred in the last years; each single valve element integrates all the necessary functions, both electrical and pneumatic, to compose a group of solenoid valves. There are no limits in composing the configuration of the solenoid valve isle, room is left in fact to end users’ requirements; the addition or the removal of modules occurs in very simple and fast way. Electrical connections are realized by a 25-pole D-connector that can manage a total of 22 solenoid valves. Still with the same simplicity, it is possible to integrate a serial node available in the most common communication protocols.






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