International Conference on Gears, 5-7 October 2015, Garching, Munich

Fig5_Gears2015The International Conference on Gears 2015 is addressed to manufacturers, developers, engineers, designers, researchers, users and suppliers of all type of gears, gear components and gear materials from throughout the world. This conference provides a professional forum for all experts who are working in the field of gear technology to exchange experience and ideas.

Are you an expert on one of the areas of our topics? Then we call on you to make an active contribution to the success of the congress with a presentation. Please submit a brief abstract of max. one A4 size sheet, summarizing your presentation.

Main topics:

  1. Industrial applications
  2. Design, analysis and simulation of gears and transmissions
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Materials
  5. Testing

logo-VDIThe conference will be held at FZG Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau, Technische Universität München, Garching.

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 20th 2014

For further information:

Caroline Körber, Product Manager,