KISSsoft celebrates this year 15 years of KISSsys

KISSsys Award 2014

KISSsys, KISSsoft‘s system add-on, enables you to model complete gear units and drive trains (module SYS). The”KISSsys assistants” (for parallel shafts and for single stage planetary gear units) guide the user through the steps involved in modeling a parallel or planetary gear unit.

Since the Release 2013, in the user interface, the most commonly used elements are now available as icons. To generate a model a user can simply drag and drop icons to add elements directly to the diagram window and link them to each other together. Furthermore, the “Gearbox variant generator” completes KISSsys with an efficient method for automatically creating numerous variants of gearboxes. The evaluation function enables you to make quick comparisons based on space, cost, efficiency and other criteria.

As KISSsoft celebrates this year 15 years of KISSsys, the Swiss company hosts a competition: The best application will win the KISSsys AWARD 2014!

Submit a KISSsys model and convince the jury. Forward your participation!

KISSsys AWARD 2014