Linear systems on demand

With  systems recently developed, the Italian company Impex Tecniche Lineari confirms its propensity as company specialized in supplying customized design solutions meeting customers’ most various requirements.

With over thirty years of activity in the design and manufacturing of Movitec-branded linear systems, the Umbria company Impex Tecniche Lineari today still pursues, in line with its historical tradition, the target of solving the problems of each single customer in the handling ambit. Thanks to a very flexible structure and featuring high technological value, Impex can supply customized solutions quickly and efficiently. Aware of the need of finding quick solutions to buyers’ needs, the company has organized its design and production activity to fulfil job orders faster than the sector average. Moreover, in recent years Impex has made huge investments in design technologies making available for customers an Autodesk 360° platform, from which it is possible to download the product models in the various formats. Besides, the management’s direction consists in increasingly investing in plug & play systems that notably simplify the final approach for customers.

Linear unit CVP086 with very long special carriage.

The process implementation

In the course of the last few years, the company has fully upgraded the managerial structure, anyway preserving the values that have characterized its birth and development along the decades. Cristina and Maurizio Torba, sons of the company founder, have inherited from their father Alvaro all the creative force and determination to approach the market in more and more dynamic, active and competitive way. A commitment that has resulted in the constant pursuit of introducing some productive and design improvements, in order to shorten further the fulfilment times of job orders. A deep reorganization that has involved the entire manufacturing course, from the review of spaces to the upgrading of machines and equipment, also through the installation of a new robotic isle. This transformation has allowed shortening delivery terms and optimizing productive lines. Moreover, it has provided some benefits in terms of rapidity in giving the adequate answers to customers’ requirements and of streamlining in the machining system. Finally, this reorganization has had positive repercussions on the quality of the working environment that has always been the focus of the company’s targets, together with the use of forefront technologies: a perfect pair for the ideal product.

The product range

Under Movitec brand, the Umbria company implements five different product lines that can however be mutually combined. These solutions find applications in several sectors, from conventional industrial machines to the automotive industry, for the assembly lines of motors and gearboxes by the most renowned manufacturing brands, to welding plants spread worldwide, to robotic systems equipped with motors and drives but also at university research institutes specialized in the most various research fields. The first harbinger product lines were the electromechanical and pneumatic Linear Tables developed in various sizes and with different options. Then, inspired by the same philosophy of modularity and flexibility, were conceived the families of Bi-Rail Linear Modules, of Micro Linear Tables and of the Linear Units. More in detail, the electromechanical Linear Tables series TV can be made both of 6063 T6 anodized extruded aluminium and of C45 steel. Sizes range from 100 to 400 mm, with strokes that can reach 2,600 mm. Some stainless steel sizes are also implemented for the food industry. Precisely with the same sizes as the 100 to 400mm of width, they have developed the pneumatic Linear Tables of the TP series, specifically devised for the automotive sector for on-off operations. Another specialization of the company is represented by “Micro” Linear Tables of the LV series, small and compact, ideal for average loads and narrow spaces. The smallest Linear Table has a 50mm-width and it is a high-precision product under all respects, with special micro-components. The smallest stroke is of 20mm and these products have been conceived for the micro-mechanics field, especially for the machining of watch parts. The line of most recent products are the Linear Units of the CV series. Produced in 4 sizes – 40, 60, 86 and 116- they are currently the most versatile and customizable product for customers. They find applications in the packaging and biomedical sector.

Packaging line end

Linear unit CVP086 for the end of packaging line.
Special linear table type TVP300 for the shipbuilding industry,  resistant to the corrosion caused by high saltiness.

To end a packaging line for the wood industry, the company has proposed different axes of the Linear Unit line. The X-axis was a CCL Linear Unit with belt transmission of the 86 series. The Y-axes were two CHC086 and each axis had two short carriages driven by a ball screw with 16mm diameter and right/left 5mm pitch simultaneously operated by a single motor. Also the Z-axis was double, with two CHE086 linear units with very long special carriage, still driven by a ball screw with 16 diameter and 5 mm pitch.

Linear tables for the shipbuilding industry

They have recently manufactured also special Linear Tables type TVP300 for the shipbuilding industry and precisely to park helicopters on aircraft carriers. The peculiarity of these tables is that, needing to be resistant to the corrosion caused by saltiness, they needed all stainless steel components or anyway resistant to deterioration. The cover is made of stainless steel, too. The man criticality of the project consisted in finding the special components on the market in due times to fulfil the job

order within the terms established by the contract. Such components came from various parts of Europe.

In-line palletizer

Palletizer with of linear modules.

They have completed a box palletizer in the packaging sector with box gripping, rotation and stocking on the pallet. With double X-axis in the new version of One-Rail of Linear Modules with belt transmission, Y- and Z-axes instead with screw transmission, 16mm diameter and 50mm pitch to reach high translation speeds. All Linear Modules belong to the 130 series and, to reduce the footprint as much as possible, they have been supplied without cover, as installed in apposite closed isle with safety sensors and barriers.

Chromatic scanning system

In collaboration with an Italian renowned research institute, they have designed a Y-Z system to perform the chromatic scanning of famous modern art paintings of great value. This new technique allows scanning the painting and detecting the chromatic composition originally used by the artist. This allows executing precise restorations, tracing the colour compositions of that epoch. The first scanning was carried out in Spain, with the collaboration of the local University. The Y-axis is a TVP150 Linear Table fixed on an apposite anodized aluminium structure whereas the Z-axis is a Bi-Rail MVP090 Linear Module, stroke 2100 mm and rolled screw transmission, 16 mm diameter, 2 mm pitch.