Low-lead solenoid valves bring safety and longevity to beverage dispensing systems

Parker’s new LLB valves feature stainless steel sleeves, plungers and nozzles.

Parker now offers Low Lead Brass solenoid valves for the beverage dispensing industry.

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced a Low-Lead Brass body (LLB) series of solenoid valves for applications in the beverage dispensing industry. Designed for fitment into coffee machines, drinks vending machines and automatic water dispensers, the valves feature stainless steel pilots. They have many potential uses in dispensing systems, including: boiler water-loading control, steam control, cold, hot and superheated water shut-off, cold water and steam mixing and steam pressure control.

The valve body is made from CW510L brass (<0.25% lead content) and the stainless steel sleeve, plunger and nozzle were developed to improve valve life, endurance and resistance to limescale accumulation. The design supports high system reliability, minimising the risk of equipment failure and avoiding potential downtime. The lead-free materials used have been carefully selected to comply with the most demanding applicable standards, including NSF51/2014 and EN16889/2016. The metal structure also permits high temperature variations, heat transfer and superior durability, which are key requirements in beverage dispensing systems.

The LLB series is offered with both 2/2 and 3/2 way configurations. Ruby or FDA FKM seals are available, while users can choose from 1/8”G and ¼”G ports. The range also includes a very compact option, the 121WH/131WH series, which again is available in 2/2 and 3/2 ported configurations.

LLB valves can be mounted in any position, although it is generally recommended to install them with the 32mm coil in a vertical position above the body. A wide range of high performing and low power consumption electrical parts can be specified, including IP65 VDE and UL-approved solutions. Learn more at www.parker.com or @parkerhannifin.