M.W.M. Freni Frizioni spreads the real made in Italy in the world

Four catalogues, over 2,000 products for the Italian and foreign markets. All designed and manufactured in Italy. A real reason of pride for M.W.M. Freni Frizioni.

Boasting a real and full Italian production is not within everyone’s reach. For the Italian company M.W.M. Freni Frizioni, however, the made in Italy is important and the company makes it its feather in the cap. With a core business in the power transmission sector, the Milanese company has operated on the market for over 50 years. Always standing out for its localization principle: the design and the implementation of its products, in fact, is executed in the Lombard capital city. Two the factories: one is dedicated to production, the other to the design, assembly and sale of products.

Manufacturing reliability and flexibility

Perfect the pair between the quality and the reliability of a big Group and the flexibility, the dynamism and the cost reduction of a family-owned company. This is the distinguishing character of M.W.M. Freni Frizioni.

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Besides the range of standard products, the company is also committed to the design of each solution proposed by customers.

Product control phase.

Broad reference market

M.W.M. Freni Frizioni embraces a wide range of customers operating in the most various industrial sectors:

  • Manufacturing industry (textile, mechanics, metallurgic, entertainment, converting etc.)
  • Mining sector
  • Energy industry, especially renewable energies.

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Foreign reference markets are Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Finland and Austria. Moreover, M.W.M. Freni Frizioni collaborates with agents in Great Britain and South Africa.

M.W.M. Freni Frizioni SRL
Via Caccialepori 18 – 20148 MILANO
Phone: (+39) 02 40070845 – 02 48706044
Fax: (+39) 02 4078041