Made in Italy 4.0 in production at MECSPE


Fig5_Gears2015The innovation of production processes and manufacturing, materials and the latest technologies will be the protagonists of the next edition of MECSPE, the international exhibition of technology for innovation that will be held in Parma from March 17 to 19, 2016.

Within the 9 Salons which are strictly interconnected – which will give to the exhibitors the opportunity to showcase the innovative value of their offer and establish important business relationships – at MECSPE it will be possible to observe, see first hand and analyze the complete process chain of a manufactured article, from the design phase to the final  object, ready for use. The 2016 edition of MECSPE, reference meeting point for the Italian manufacturing industry, is enriched with new initiatives with the objective to make even more synergistic and active the itinerary of visitors, companies and exhibitors.

«Among the most important news of MECSPE 2016 Power Drive certainly stands out. This is the show created to meet visitors’ demand to find a place specifically dedicated to the power transmission systems and components. The new hall will gather and will dinamically connect the singular categories and the solutions used in the construction of industrial automatic machines» emphasizes Emilio Bianchi, Director of Senaf.

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MECSPE –  Parma Fairground, Italy 18 March 2016, 10.00 – Palacassa Convention Center Hall 7 – Room Cbanner_Power Drive

During the exhibition, the Power Drive Innovation conference will be held on March 18, 2016 at the Congress Center Palacassa. The conference represents a point of reference for anyone who is involved in the power transmission technology. The focus of the conference is to explain and promote the major innovations in the field of technological solutions applied to the power transmission sector both fluid and not. The speakers will present the latest innovations in the field of nanostructured coatings and the use of innovative materials, without neglecting the production optimization technology of commonly used materials for the transmission construction. The meeting is meant to represent an opportunity in which leading industry players discuss on the topic of technological innovation, energy efficiency and new technologies that are already being tested and that probably we will see on the next generation machines. The conference program includes the participation of the following speakers:


Ing. Giorgio Bombarda, HP AD Hydraulics – Group Bondioli and Pavesi

“The use of oleofobic coatings to improve the performance of oleodynamic pumps”

The presentation will showt the results the obtained in the first year of the project “Hercules on APP” that the company is developing in collaboration with the CNR-Institute as part of the public competition IMAMOTER Notice “Earthquake” (Ordinance Region ER 109/2013) . The use of nano-structured coating with superhydrophobic characteristics represents an absolute innovation in the international industrial scene . The first results show how the application of such technology allows a considerable reduction of the friction in the parts subject to relative motion, improving efficiency in the power transmission.


Prof. Esteban Codina, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

“The Cast Iron technology innovations for fluid power components”

Cast iron is one of the most used materials in the fluid power sector. The optimization of the production process, the correlation between geometry and microstructure, the resistence of the component, are key parameters for the development of performing hydraulic components. Professor Codina’s  presentation will illustrate the latest innovations in the foundry industry for the production of cast iron, the construction of components for the transmission of power.


Prof. Jaroslaw Stryczek, Wroclaw University of Tecnology

“The use of plastic material in fluid power systems”

The plastic materials have many advantages compared to the base metals employed for the realization of hydraulic components , but it is only with a careful design, which takes into account the characteristics of these materials, that it is possible to exploit their full potential . Professor Stryczeck has been working for years on the realization of hydraulic components in plastic material and will present the results of his research aimed at the  creation of lightweight and low cost power transmission systems.


Prof. Gian Luca Zarotti, CNR-IMAMOTER

“The technological progress in power transmission”

Technological progress hardly passes through the abrupt changes, more often it is the result of a continuous and constant innovation whose results are visible only pausing and analyzing the path from a privileged point of view. Professor Zarotti, after more than 40 years experience in the Power drive industry, will share with the audience his point of view on technological innovation, with interesting ideas for the future of this important sector.


Prof. Karsten Stahl, Gear Research Center FZG – TechnischeUniversität München

“Ultra High Speed ​​E-Drive for Automotive Application”

The research center for gears and transmissions FZG of the University of München, is known for its research on gears and innovative drive systems for various applications.

The intervention in Power Drive, regarding transmissions for automotive applications, will cover a high-speed driveline for electric vehicles, of which both the functional characteristics and the design aspects will be presented.

Ing. Andrea Piazza

“Gears and transmissions for aeronautical propulsion”

Engineer Andrea Piazza, Italy’s representative in the ISO working groups that deal with the definition of the rules for the calculation of the gears, will cover some specialized aspects regarding the gears and transmissions for aeronautical applications.

Ing. Franco Concli (BMR – Bonfiglioli Mechatronic Research)

“Energy efficient gear drives: the role of CFD”

Engineer Franco Concli, will present a state of the art on the use of numerical computational fluid dynamics in the calculation of power losses in gear units, based on the results of some research on the losses which are not dependent on load, carried out both at the BMR company in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.