Masters of flexible packaging

The Spanish packaging machine manufacturer Mespack is a specialist for flexible packaging. Compared to rigid packaging, this not only saves costs and transport volumes, but also protects the environment by using fewer resources. Mespack uses linear guides from Franke in many of its machines for flexible packaging.

So-called stick packs, horizontal and vertical pouches with lids or zip closures are produced, filled and closed with mespack packaging machines. They are used for food, pharmaceuticals, household, personal care or pet products. For products such as coffee capsules, dishwashing detergents or liquid soap, Mespack offers a unique variety of systems for fully automatic packaging: «We can support our customers with tailor-made integrated solutions, from primary to secondary to final packaging,» says Alonso Marquez, Operations Director of Mespack.

Operations Director Alonso Marquez is responsible for a smooth production flow at Mespack

As a service partner, Mespack offers complete packaging lines for packaging processes. For example, a line for water-soluble detergent capsules, which are filled and formed with Mespack machines, packed into stable stand-up pouches with a horizontal machine and finally packed into a wrap-around carton or folding box for shipment to supermarkets or department stores with end-of-line machines.

Individual packaging for every product

The variety of packaging design at Mespack seems unlimited. It ranges from the small cosmetic sample to the large storage bag. A bag packaging can not only be rectangular, but also punched in shape, provided with a notch for tearing open or with a sealed lid for resealing. Every customer is different. Every product is different and requires an individual approach: «We strive to respond precisely to our customers’ requirements and offer them the best possible solution. Practically, every Mespack project is tailor-made,» states Alonso Marquez.

Sustainability as a topic of innovation

One issue that is becoming increasingly important for Mespack’s customers is sustainability. «We support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint,» explains Alonso Marquez. Flexible packaging in itself offers an environmental advantage over rigid packaging because it uses fewer resources in production and transport. In addition, Mespack is working to establish environmentally friendly solutions in the materials it uses: easily recyclable plastics, recycled plastics or compostable materials such as paper or bio-based plastics. At the Mespack Innovation Centre (MIC) in Barcelona, customers can test alternative packaging materials with different horizontal and vertical Mespack machine models.

Mespack’s high-tech and innovative machinery is based on the use of a digital platform called Mespack Athena. This platform, which is already installed on all Mespack machines, enables, among other things, improved productivity while reducing changeover times and predictive maintenance. Operation via Mespack Athena is easy for users to learn thanks to a new intuitive user interface with operating information and recommendations.

Ignacio Garcia (on right) is the first point of contact for Mespack at Franke

Innovative suppliers are in demand

«Innovation is part of Mespack’s DNA» explains Operations Director Alonso Marquez. For this reason, we also need innovative suppliers who continuously improve their technology in line with the latest trends and market developments. Franke linear systems have been installed in Mespack’s horizontal packaging machines for over 10 years. With their help, the packages are transported step by step through the stations for filling and sealing. The cassettes of the linear guides whiz back and forth in a fast production cycle. Again and again. Without a break.

«Franke linear guides are made of lightweight aluminium, which is very important for us because it allows us to achieve higher speeds» explains Alonso Marquez. At the same time, he says, process reliability must always be guaranteed. «The durability and resistance of Franke linear systems is crucial for us because they guide fundamental movements and the functioning of the entire machine depends on them,» says Marquez. For customers who clean their machines very frequently for hygiene reasons, Franke’s completely corrosion-resistant FDC type linear guides are also used. In this version, the inserted raceways and the rollers are made of corrosion-resistant steel, which further improves the resistance.

During packaging transport, Franke linear guides are constantly in motion and are subjected to permanent stress; high speeds during transport contribute to high productivity

Linear systems to individual specification

Because each Mespack packaging machine is individually adapted to the customer’s needs, Mespack also demands adapted solutions from Franke. «In our project drawings, the lengths of the guide rails and the required bores are specified in each case,» explains Alonso Marquez. «Franke supplies us accordingly with the linear systems.» Franke consultant Ignacio García assists Mespack on site in Spain. He explains that Franke works with a metalworker in Barcelona who handles the project-specific adjustments to the rails. «The local proximity of our partner company to Mespack shortens the delivery time. In this way, we are able to deliver even the customised components on time within tight project schedules», Ignacio Garcia comments with satisfaction.