Forefront linear motion technology

M TECH® is the new brand launched by Melucci Technologies that characterizes a product line manufactured for the complete configuration of linear axes

With over half century of history and sound expertise in the linear motion sector, currently Melucci Technologies is an Italian company that is living a phase of lively growth and transformation.

Claudio Cerri, general manager of Melucci Technologies

The enterprise, headquartered in Rimini (Italy), was established in 1974 as craft activity and afterwards, seizing the opportunities offered by the strong economic and industrial expansion in those years, has evolved, so becoming a real company whose mission is the linear motion, with the target of acting as customers’ strategic partner. «Along the years, we have started a process of transformation and updating that has led us to become a player acknowledged on the whole national territory – told Claudio Cerri, General Manager of Romagna company – Since 2008, we have become part of Scaglia Group as business unit. We can boast a sound know-how in the ambit of the linear motion transmission and we can offer the best solution in the linear axis sizing».

A new brand for a successful market expansion

To satisfy more and more promptly the variegated changeable requirements of the market and of the various industrial sectors it addresses, Melucci Technologies is carrying out a series of investments in organization, logistics and manufacturing. First of all, during last months they released the new brand, M TECH®: «In this context of deep upgrading, it became necessary to be present on the market also with a brand in private label, which can satisfy that market share where the quality-price ratio represents a fundamental element in the choice of the most suitable solution» the manager highlighted.

M TECH® precision nuts

The product range has been implemented for the complete configuration of the linear axis: re-circulating ball or roller linear guides, miniaturized guides, rolled or ground ball screws, equipped with related accessories like extremity supports and precision nuts, ground precision racks, hardened, ground and chromed shafts, ball bearings, support slide units and shafts and so on. «The proposal by M TECH® brand covers all trade sectors and allows selecting the best configuration for customers’ applications in terms of speeds, loads and efficiency – Claudio Cerri added- The new brand has been launched on a national scale, with a future vision of expansion on other markets, too».Besides price, the other strong points of this new line are the product availability in stock, the possibility of customizing customers’ demands and the tailored pre- and after-sale service.

All-round innovation

«Our expansion project involves all corporate ambits, we are widening our sales network to offer an even more widespread support and meanwhile we are upgrading the whole logistics and manufacturing asset – the General Manager explained – We are in fact automating all processes, implementing a new managerial system that will be interconnected with automated warehouses to improve logistic flows in both the input phase of materials and in sale stage».

M TECH® re-circulating ball screws

Therefore, Melucci Technologies is investing across the board: besides the two large automated warehouses, featuring large capacity, which will be interconnected with manufacturing lines, investments concern new machines, including a bevelling machine for guides, a NC machine for the machining of screws and shafts, a new palletizing system to optimize the space exploitation. «Everything will be interconnected with the new managerial system that will allow us more efficiency and a better service for our customers – the manager specified – The new re-organization allows us not only the process automation but also the execution of machining and customizations directly inside our production office. This certainly represents a highlight, having the possibility of being more flexible and dynamic than other competitors operating on the market». In the export ambit, for the future the company stakes on the collaboration with all European branches of the Group and on relying on a single managerial system to be able to manage demands in faster and more dynamic manner. «As above said, investments mainly concerned the production and the new warehouse organization but also the enlargement of marketing activities that today are indispensable to approach new customers and to strengthen one’s own ranking in digital – Claudio Cerri ended- Precisely for this reason, we have put a disposal a CAD design tool that allows downloading all of our our products in over 150 different native formats».